Our Canada Holiday Destinations

There are many exciting destinations to choose from when building your dream holiday to Canada. Whether you’re interested in a cosmopolitan city break, or experiencing Canada’s great outdoors, we can help create your perfect holiday.

Canada is made up of thirteen beautiful provinces and territories, many of which you can fly into directly. In the east, the beautiful provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada await, offering a perfect getaway to explore the great cosmopolitan and historic cities, colourful rolling countryside and the craggy Atlantic coastline of Canada. You can fly to the east in under 6 hours, and exploring a variety of destinations in one trip is possible on a self-drive or train tour holiday.

If you fancy heading west, then breathtaking scenery, adventure, wildlife and cosmopolitan cities await you. Alberta is home to the majestic Rocky Mountains, which will no doubt be your first stop, and also where you can hop on the Rocky Mountaineer train to explore the diverse landscapes of British Columbia.

Click on a province or city below to find out more information about and discover all you can see and do when you get there.

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