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Throughout Ontario & Québec *Eco Class Off Peak

SAVE 10% on this tour

Travel through Ontario and Québec aboard the Corridor trains and discover Central Canada's ever-changing landscape.

Visit Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Québec's old city and Montréal' Old Port, historic gateways to the New World. Visit the Niagara Peninsula, with its many vineyards and - of course – its famed romantic destination, Niagara Falls.

Once on board your train, sit back, comfortably nestled in your spacious seat and stretch out your legs. Take in the breathtaking views through the panoramic windows, whether it is rolling countryside or a metropolitan scene.

For great flexibility take advantage of The CorridorPass that gives you 10 days' travel in southern Québec and southern Ontario. For a single, very affordable price, you could choose to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec and Niagara Falls!

There are two classes of service, Economy and Business Class. See below for more details.

The Corridor Service Prices 2014

  Economy Class Business Class  
From / To Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak SAVE
Montréal to Québec City £53 £55 £111 £115 10%
Montréal to Ottawa £41 £41 £91 £95 10%
Montréal to Toronto £96 £101 £171 £178 10%
Québec City to Montréal £53 £55 £109 £115 10%
Québec City to Ottawa £76 £79 £151 £157 10%
Québec City Toronto £131 £136 £249 £259 10%
Toronto to Montréal £94 £99 £169 £175 10%
Toronto to Québec City £129 £134 £245 £254 10%
Toronto to Ottawa £88 £91 £154 £161 10%
Toronto to Kingston £61 £63 £125 £129 10%
Toronto to Niagara Falls £27 £28 - - 10%
Kingston to Toronto £61 £63 £125 £129 10%
Kingston to Ottawa £37 £38 £86 £91 10%
Ottawa to Kingston £37 £38 £86 £91 10%
Ottawa to Montréal £39 £41 £91 £94 10%
Ottawa to Québec City £75 £78 £148 £155 10%
Ottawa to Toronto £88 £91 £154 £160 10%
Niagara Falls to Toronto £27 £28 - - 10%

The Corridor Service Prices 2015

Children (2-11) 25% off business class fares & 50% off Economy class

  Economy Class Business Class  
From / To Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak
Montréal to Québec City £44 £45 £91 £95
Montréal to Ottawa £33 £33 £75 £78
Montréal to Toronto £79 £83 £141 £146
Québec City to Montréal £44 £45 £91 £95
Québec City to Ottawa £63 £65 £124 £129
Québec City Toronto £108 £112 £205 £213
Toronto to Montréal £78 £82 £139 £144
Toronto to Québec City £106 £111 £201 £208
Toronto to Ottawa £72 £75 £126 £131
Toronto to Kingston £51 £52 £103 £106
Toronto to Niagara Falls £22 £23 - -
Kingston to Toronto £51 £52 £103 £106
Kingston to Ottawa £31 £31 £71 £75
Ottawa to Kingston £31 £31 £71 £75
Ottawa to Montréal £32 £33 £74 £77
Ottawa to Québec City £62 £64 £122 £127
Ottawa to Toronto £72 £75 £126 £131
Niagara Falls to Toronto £22 £23 - -

This route is also available in reverse, child discounts available.
Call for more information and prices.

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The Corridor Departures Dates

Peak Dates: Off Peak Dates:
15 Jun - 08 Oct 2014 09 Oct - 31 Dec 2014
15 Jun - 08 Oct 2015 01 Jan - 14 Jun & 09 Oct - 31 Dec Dec 2015

The Corridor Service Economy Class

Economy class allows you to enjoy the stunning scenery whilst enjoying excellent on-board comfort and the attentive service Via is known for. Food and beverages are also served by trolley at a reasonable price.

The Corridor Service Business Class

Business class delivers the quality of service and the many benefits one comes to expect of a first-class trip. The Panorama lounge is the first of the privileges you enjoy in Via 1 class where you can enjoy complimentary beverages and newspapers and then relax until your priority boarding call is announced.

Once on board the spacious and stylish cabins you will be served a complimentary tasty meal. Passengers on the morning train start their day with a generous breakfast including juice, fresh fruit appetiser, a choice of hot entrées, light pastries and tea or coffee. At noon and in the early evening, you'll be treated to a delicious three-course meal: appetiser varied main dish, with dessert and bread. Aperitifs and wines accompany the food, and to top it off, the famous Business class chocolates. Then, you'll be spoilt with an after-dinner liqueur to start your evening.

Want to use the train a lot?

Make use of these money saving passes:

Canrail Pass

    The Canrail Pass gives you unlimited travel in Canada. It's the perfect choice for people who want to go a long way on a limited budget.

  • You get 12 days of unlimited travel in Comfort class (Economy) during a 30-day period. Just show your Canrail Pass each time you obtain a ticket for a trip during this 30-day period.
  • The card can be used anywhere VIA goes, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and up to Hudson Bay.
  • You can make as many stops as you like during your journey.
  • You can add up to three extra days' travel, which you can buy in advance or at any time during the 30-day validity period. This gives you 13, 14 or 15 days' unlimited travel!

CanRail Terms and Conditions

Here are some additional details on the use of your Canrailpass:

Holders of a Canrailpass must obtain a ticket for every journey by presenting their Canrailpass to an authorized VIA sales agent. The number of places available in Comfort class for Canrailpass holders is limited. We recommend advance booking. A Canrailpass is not transferable. You must be prepared to show identification or sign your ticket on request.

The Canrailpass is valid for journeys on any VIA train, and on buses providing transfer between Moncton and Saint John. It is not valid on trains and buses that are listed in the VIA timetable but operated by other companies. The Canrailpass is valid for 30 days. It entitles you to 12 days' travel in Comfort class over this 30-day period. Extension: up to 3 days' extra travel can be purchased during the 30-day validity period. The refund terms that apply are the same as those for the regular Canrailpass. Journeys for which you buy tickets with your Canrailpass must end before midnight on the last day of validity of your pass.

First class
As a Canrailpass holder, you are entitled to a seat in Comfort class (basic service). For a surcharge, you can upgrade to first-class accommodation on other trains (Sleeper, VIA 1 class and so on). As a Canrailpass holder, you are eligible for any discounts available in first class, provided that applicable conditions are met. During the peak summer season, an upgrade to Silver & Blue class (between Vancouver and Toronto) and to Totem and Totem Deluxe classes (between Prince Rupert and Jasper) can only be arranged in the 21 days prior to departure.


Travel on the Corridor network for 10 days. Choose between Comfort Class and Via 1 Class, giving first class comforts at affordable prices.

You can also choose between:

Comfort class (Economy): practical, comfortable, and very affordable!
VIA 1 class: everything you expect in first-class travel, except the price!

Corridorpass Terms and Conditions

You must purchase your Corridorpass at least five days in advance. Your first ticket must be issued at the time of purchase.
The Corridorpass is valid for 10 days only. This period begins at 00:00 on the day of the first journey and ends at 23:59 on the tenth day.
The Corridorpass enables you to travel on VIA Rail trains in southern Québec and southern Ontario, that is, between Québec City, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Niagara Falls, Kitchener, Stratford, London, Sarnia and Windsor, including all stations between these cities.
The Comfort class Corridorpass entitles you to travel in Comfort class only, subject to seat availability.
The VIA 1 class Corridorpass entitles you to travel in VIA 1 Class or Comfort class, subject to seat availability.
You cannot make more than one return journey between the same two cities, including suburbs of these cities. For example, Guildwood station is considered as being in a suburb of Toronto; Dorval and Saint-Lambert stations as being in suburbs of Montréal; and Sainte-Foy and Charny stations as being in suburbs of Québec City. The Commuter pass has been specially designed for frequent trips between the same two cities.
You must board and get off the train at the stations shown on the card, failing which your ticket will be void and you will have to pay th full fare aboard the train.
The Corridorpass is personal and not transferable.
The Corridorpass is refundable only if it has not been used and if all tickets issued with the pass are surrendered. A service charge of $30 applies to each pass refunded. No refund will be given for lost or stolen passes.
The Corridorpass cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or special discount.

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Important Notes

Via Rail services are all non-smoking

As space is always restricted on the train, we would recommend that you take a small bag on board with the essentials that you need and check your remaining luggage through to your final destination.

The prices that we present are the super save fares, which must be booked 7 days before travel. There are additional discounts for seniors (60+), Students with an ISIC card and young people aged 12-17. Advance purchase is necessary.

Children 2-11 are eligible for 50% discount in comfort class and travel is FREE for children under 2 provided they are accompanied by an adult and do not take up a seat. A second infant travelling with just one adult pays 50% of the comfort class fare.

It is important to note that as the trains often travel through rugged and inaccessible terrain there may be occasional delays or freight trains may cause delay. Re-routing may be necessary at times by road. Via Rail does not pay compensation in this instance.

Outbound Flight

  • Flying out on:

Return Flight

  • Returning on:

  • Children under the age of 16 MUST be
    accompanied by an adult.

Booking for more than 9 people?