1) Which terminal will my flight depart from/arrive in?

London Gatwick:

South Terminal North Terminal
Air Transat British Airways
Thomas Cook Airlines Easyjet (confirm terminal with airline directly)
Easyjet (confirm terminal with airline directly)  
Aer Lingus  


Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 3
Air Transat Continental Airlines BMI Baby
Thomas Cook Airlines   British Airways
Aer Lingus    


Terminal 1 Terminal 2
British Airways Thomas Cook Airlines
Easyjet Air Transat

All other airports will either have 1 terminal or an international and domestic terminal.

Canadian Departure/Arrival Terminals:

All Canadian Airports (with the exception of Toronto Pearson International Airport, see below) have just 1 main terminal or a Domestic and International terminal.

Toronto Pearson International Airport:

Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 3
Air Canada   Air Transat
    Thomas Cook Airlines
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2) What time does check-in open and close for my flight?

To ensure your flight leaves on time please leave plenty of time to check-in.

All Canadian Affair flights will open 4 hours prior to departure. For all flights check-in will close strictly 1 hour prior to departure. All passengers must be checked-in before the 1 hour closure time. If you arrive after check-in has closed and wish to travel on a later flight you will have to purchase another full fare ticket and will not receive a refund for your missed departure. In the event of a flight delay you must still report for check – in as per your ticketed departure time.

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3) What time should I be at the departure gate?

We would advise you to be at the departure gate 1 hour prior to departure. Canadian Affair takes no responsibility for missed departures caused by late arrival or failure to appear at the departure gate.

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Return Flight

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  • Children under the age of 16 MUST be
    accompanied by an adult.

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