1) What is the seat pitch on Canadian Affair flights?

Air Transat Economy seat pitch is to 32" and up to 34” in their Club Class cabin on their Airbus aircraft.

Extra legroom seats are available on all Canadian Affair flights and can be booked for GBP per person each way.

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2) Are meals/drinks included on Canadian Affair flights?

Yes they are. Air Transat provide complimentary meals and soft drinks on all Canadian Affair flights. In economy soft drinks are complimentary, alcoholic drinks are charged. In Club Class Alcoholic drinks are complimentary.

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3) How do i make a special meal request?

A meal request can be made upto 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure. We will endeavour to facilitate your request however specific individual catering can not be guaranteed. The special meal options offered on Canadian Affair flights are:

  • Diabetic
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
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4) What entertainment is available on board Canadian Affair flights?

There are a selection of movies and short programmes played during the flight along with a selection of audio channels.

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5) Is there a charge for headsets?

Air Transat charge GBP £2/$4. If you are flying in Club Class there is no charge. Once you have a headset you can keep it and use it for your return journey. Alternatively you can bring your own headphones and insert and adaptor.

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6) Can I take electronic equipment onboard the aircraft?

Electronic devices such as laptops and personal stereos may be used once the aircraft you are on has reached its cruising altitude. You are not allowed to use electronic devices during take off and landing. Mobile phones must be kept switched off for the duration of your flight.

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7) Can I buy duty free on board my flight?

Yes you can. Air Transat carry a wide variety of spirits, tobacco, perfumes, confectionery and other products.

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8) Changes to in-flight purchases onboard TS flights

Air Transat no longer accepts cash for onboard transactions. Passengers will be required to use a credit card for all their purchases, such as snacks and beverages, duty free items, comfort kits, and so on.

This decision was made to enhance the customer experience, as it will speed up service and give the cabin crew more time to spend with our passengers.

Going cashless makes sense in today's technology-friendly environment and has been deployed with great success on an increasing number of airlines.  It should be noted that, unlike many other airlines, Air Transat offers complimentary food and beverages on most of our routes. These factors significantly reduce the risk of inconvenience for passengers not having a credit card onboard. Air Transat is working on alternative payment options for these special cases.

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9) Immigration at the first arrival airport – UK

All passengers entering the UK must clear Immigration at the first arrival airport point.  You will be required to process through UK immigration & customs at this first UK airport.  This does mean that upon landing at your final destination you will arrive as a domestic passenger and will not be required to clear immigration for a second time.  You will proceed immediately to collect your luggage or to the arrivals hall.

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