1) Can I pre-select my seat on board?

You can pre-select your seat from GBP £13 / EUR €15 / CAD $20-$40 each way per person and GBP £52 / EUR €59 / CAD $80 for an extra legroom seat. Seats can only be pre-booked up until 72 hours prior to departure. You can pre-book your seat either over the phone on 1-8778-FLY-2-UK (Toll free) or 020 7616 9184/0141 223 7517 (UK) or online at the time of booking your flight at www.CanadianAffair.com or www.CanadianAffair.ca.

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2) Do I have to pre-select my seat?

We strongly recommend you do. If you don't pre-select your seat we cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit beside your travelling companion(s).

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3) If I pre-select my seat do I have to check-in at the normal time?

We recommend you arrive at the Air Transat check-in counter at least three hours prior to flight departure. When checking in, be sure to specify that you have selected your seat. Seat selection must be claimed at least 75 minutes prior to departure. In the event they are not claimed in this time period, the seats can be released without possibility for refund.

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4) How wide is my seat?

Air Transat - The seat width on Air Transat aircrafts vary from 16.5 inches to 18.25 inches depending on aircraft type or grade of seat purchased.

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5) Can I prebook a skycot / bassinette?

Air Transat - Air Transat offers onboard bassinettes for babies. These bassinettes, which are attached to the bulkhead, are approved by Transport Canada. They are a safe and comfortable way for your baby to travel during the flight.
The infant's weight must not exceed 11 kg (24 lbs) and their height must not exceed the size of the bassinette 27 x 12 x 6 in (68 x 30 x 15 cm). Babies that are able to sit up on their own are not permitted to use the skycots.
It is important to know that the bassinette may be requested in advance, but is not confirmed until you board the aircraft and the in-flight crew can assess the suitability for your child.

Skycots / Bassinettes are available for use on board and are never guaranteed, they are only available on specific seats – please contact reservations on 0207 616 9999 for more details.

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