1) Do British Subjects and British protected persons require visitor Visas to enter Canada?

British Subjects - Canada has lifted the visa requirement for holders of UK passports issued to British Subjects who enjoy the right of abode in the United Kingdom - this will be shown on the back of the photo page of your passport. This visa exemption is in effect since Thursday, June 16, 2011. Please note that British Subjects who are subject to Control under the (UK) Immigration Act, 1971 still require a Canadian visa for travel to Canada.

British Protected Persons do require a visa to visit or transit through Canada. If you are unsure if you are British Subject, British Citizen or British protected person, please look on the personal data page of your passport and it will be noted under 'Nationality'.

If you are a British subject or a British protected person and fail to have the necessary visa documentation then Canadian Affair and its airline partner Air Transat will be legally bound to refuse travel. For further information click here or contact your local Canadian consulate.

Please note it is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure they have the correct travel documentation prior to departure.

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What travel documentation do I need to travel/Do I need a Visa?

It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure they have the correct travel documentation prior to departure. Canadian Affair will not transfer flights or offer refunds to passengers who fail to have the correct documentation.

British Nationals travelling to Canada require a full 10 year passport. If you need to obtain a passport you should apply well in advance of your trip.

Visas requirements: British Citizens, British Overseas Citizens (who are re-admissible to the UK) and British Dependant Territories Citizens DO NOT require a visa to visit Canada. British Visitors passports are not valid for travel to Canada. British Subjects and British Protected Persons DO require a visitor visa to travel to Canada. If you look at the personal data page in your passport it will state whether you are a British Citizen or Subject. Please contact the Canada Visa Application Centre, The Battleship Building, 179 Harrow Road, London, W2 6NB on 0203 608 6880 (Opening times: Mon - Fri 0830 - 1600. Closed on UK and Canadian holidays) or www.cic.gc.ca for more information.

All passengers require a travel itinerary, a passport and/or Visa. If you forget your itinerary you can request a new one from our Airport Representatives at your departure airport, this request will incur a GBP £5 late service fee.

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What happens with my ticket if I book late?

If you book within 7 days of your departure you will be able to pick up your ticket from the Canadian Affair desk at your departure airport. This service incurs a GBP £5 late service fee for UK departures and $15 for Canadian departures.

If your first flight is from Canada to the UK and you are booking within 14 days of your departure date you will collect your documents at the airport and a late booking fee of $15 will be charged.

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What happens if I lose my travel itinerary or forget to take it with me to the airport?

If you lose your itinerary you can contact us and we will arrange to have one sent to you or have one ready for collection at your departure airport. This will incur a GBP £5/$15 administration fee. If you forget to take your itinerary with you, you will be able to pick this up at your departure airport. This will again incur a GBP £5/$15 administration fee.

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When will I receive my travel documents?

You will receive your booking invoice within 10 days of making a booking and your travel itinerary and other documents 4 weeks prior to departure. As we are a ticketless operator you will not receive 'tickets', your itinerary is all the documentation you will need to check-in for your flight, this information can be sent via email (edocs). You will be informed if this is the case at the time of reservation.

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I am travelling to Canada but would like to visit the USA during my stay. What documentation will I need to enter the USA?

All British Passport holders entering the USA on the visa waiver programme are required to hold a machine-readable passport. If do not hold a machine-readable passport you will need to obtain a visa for entry or apply for a new passport. Travellers without a machine readable passport who do not have a visa will be denied entry into the USA and possibly fined.

If you have any doubt about travel to the USA or require further information please visit the US Embassy website on www.usembassy.org.uk. Please note that passengers are responsible for ensuring they have the correct travel documentation prior to departure.

From 9 September 2010, UK travellers looking to enter the United States will be charged £9 to apply for the compulsory ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation).

ESTA online application for entry to the USA



If you are planning a trip to the United States from January 12th 2009, be advised that the entry procedure has now changed. From the new year, anyone planning to enter the United States under the Visa Waver Scheme must register online under the new Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) at least 72 hours before they fly. The forms are available from the ESTA website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta

You must complete an ESTA application at least 72 hours before flying. Any traveller who fails to complete an ESTA application at least 3 days before departure will almost certainly be refused entry into the country under new US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations. If you are even considering visiting the States, it's worth filling out an ESTA application now as they are valid for two years.

Important: If you are refused entry because you do not hold the correct travel documents or have had your application for ESTA rejected - you will NOT be entitled to any form of refund or covered by your travel insurance policy.

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