• bear watching canada
    Tours from £159pp

    Bear Watching

    Canada's vast landscapes offer some of the best opportunities in the world for viewing black bears, grizzly bears and polar bears in their natural habitats.

  • whale watching holidats
    Tours from £575pp

    Whale Watching

    Whether you're on the look out for gentle belugas, huge humpbacks or sleek orcas, Canada offers unbeatable opportunities for whale, porpoise and dolphin watching.

  • canadian wildlife holidays
    Tours from £175pp

    Other Wildlife

    From beavers to moose, caribou to eagles, Canada has a host of diverse wildlife viewing on offer. Stay in a wilderness resort for the best chance to spot them.

  • 2017 wildlife watching holidays
    Tours from £1,509pp

    2017 Wildlife Holidays

    Book ahead to summer 2017 with our incredible bear watching packages for next year.