From Mike Myers to Maple Syrup: 4 Reasons Why Canada is Best


4 reasons Canada is best

During his recent state dinner attendance at the White House, Canadian native Mike Myers took the opportunity to express his patriotism, saying “I think we’re poised for great things.”

He was, of course, referring to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s positive influence across the nation since his electoral win in October last year.

Justin Trudeau was also present at the black-tie event in Washington D.C. earlier this month, where Mike Myers gave a moving speech in support of the Invictus Games, the sporting competition founded by Prince Harry for injured military veterans and active duty soldiers.

The Invictus Games are likely to be a popular event, with participants and spectators from around the world booking holidays to Canada and in particular Toronto – the city announced as the 2017 host at the dinner.

Brimming with national pride during his speech, Canadian acting export Mike Myers acknowledged the Invictus Games announcement, adding:  “It’s fantastic. It’s more good news happening for Canada.”

“I feel very, very proud and very happy with what’s happened in Canada. I think we are poised for very fantastic things.”

Canada has set the bar high when it comes to international relations in recent months, but what else makes Canada a world-leader?

We count down 4 top reasons why Canada is best!

1.      Scenery

Boasting legendary landscapes like the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls and Tombstone Territorial Park to name a few, Canada is no stranger to awe-inspiring views. But its unrivalled claim on the world’s most breathtaking lake scenery is something truly worth experiencing.

Canada has more lakes than anywhere else on earth, and you’ll find almost 60 per cent of the globe’s lakes in this one country.

Being a genuine land of discovery, Canada car rental is the perfect way to escape the urban landscape and “head up to the lake” as the locals say.

  car rentals in Canada, car driving towards the mountains

2.      Sports

Think hockey and you’d be hard-pressed not to think of those red and white jerseys Canada’s national team proudly don as they glide across the ice arena. And with good reason too, as the country dominates this sporting event. In the National Hockey League, over half of all players are Canadian born and bred. In comparison, just a quarter are from the USA.

Hockey isn’t the only prevalent winter sport that Canada excels in, with skiing in Canada being a huge appeal for those visiting the country.

Canadian hockey

3.      Exports

Aside from talent, where would the rest of the world be without some of Canada’s most ingenious inventions?

We owe peanut butter, the humble paint roller, life-saving insulin and even airport baggage labels to this country. Moreover, how else would we serve pancakes than with Canada’s favourite export – maple syrup!

Made by tapping the sap of black, sugar and red maple trees, this sweet accompaniment has a huge global following. Canada still produces the lion’s share, with three-quarters being manufactured in the country and delivered to plates around the world.

collecting maple syrup sap from trees in Canada

4.      Humility

It’s become somewhat of an international joke that Canadians can’t help but apologise, but there may be something in this.

According to national study “Sorry…I’m Canadian”, conducted by Queen’s University in Kingston, 90 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 25 will automatically apologise if someone else bumps into them.

Perhaps it’s the laidback nature of Canadians or that, statistically, this country affords a higher level of wellbeing than its neighbours in North America. Either way, while this social convention never fails to amuse visitors, there’s something very endearing about a country that prides itself on good manners when a simple apology would be hard to come by elsewhere in the world.

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