If you want to cruise to Alaska’s famous glaciers and icebergs, we think the best way to do it is up the Inside Passage from Vancouver. This scenic waterway from Canada to Alaska is home to some of the most stunning sights anywhere in the world. Cruise with Holland America Line and not only will you visit world-famous attractions like Glacier Bay and Tracy Arm, but the journey will be as good as the destinations.

Read on to find out why we partner with Holland America Line and discover the amazing things about cruising with them:


1. They have 70 years of experience

holland american line cruise ship with glacier

Holland America Line have been cruising to Alaska for longer than Alaska has been a state! They know every nook and cranny of the intricate fjords from Vancouver up to Anchorage. Not only will you feel safe as houses in your home-from-home, you’ll also enjoy the perks that come with such expert knowledge. Experienced captains can navigate the small Alaskan harbours and take you as close as possible to the faces of those incredible glaciers.


2. They sail to incredible locations

wonder lake, alaska

All cruise lines differ slightly in the ports they call at. Sail with Holland America Line and you’ll be treated to some of Alaska’s most charming towns and iconic glaciers, in locations only accessible by sea. Our favourite is Glacier Bay – a 1,500-foot-deep fjord and World Heritage Site to boot. It is one of the planet’s largest biosphere reserves and is often dubbed the jewel in the crown of south-eastern Alaska. Other highlights include Alaska’s capital, Juneau, the Gold Rush town of Haines and the mighty Hubbard Glacier (which is a whopping 164 feet tall).


3. Onboard the ship is a treat

couple on cruise ship balcony

You’ll never be bored on your cruise. Not only are the views ever-changing and spectacular, but there is also plenty to keep you occupied onboard. It’s true that cruise ships to Alaska are less “Vegas” than those which sail to the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on facilities. The sailing times are shorter when you’re cruising Alaska and you’ll never have a stretch of several days at sea. That means you probably don’t need 17 pools onboard, but you’ll certainly appreciate Holland America Line’s dining rooms, theatre, culinary classes, BBC Earth films, evening entertainment and casino.


4. The excursions are a dream

zodiac boat excurison with Holland America Line

Your cruise experience doesn’t end once you reach port. In fact, the adventure is just getting started. Holland America Line's fantastic excursions are easily bolted onto your cruise. It really is the best way to get to know Alaska. Excursions include hikes into the temperate rainforest of Tongass National Park, eagle viewing and wild salmon feasts, seaplane tours for the best views of glaciers, and even All Terrain Vehicle adventures through the wilderness.


5. You’re free to be you

dining on board the cruise ship

Many people, and especially first-time cruisers, worry about the etiquette onboard a cruise. Will I have to dress up? Will the atmosphere be very formal? Will I be invited to dine at the Captain’s table? With Holland America Line, you can truly relax onboard their ships and just be yourself. Alaska cruises are a lot more casual than many of their tropical counterparts, so you won’t be under pressure to put on your penguin suit. That being said, an optional formal night gives the option to get dressed up for an evening if you like.


So, has Alaska got you hooked? Take a look at all our Holland America Line cruises to Alaska to start planning your journey.

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