Canada from above


Canada from above

Canada is one of the only countries in the world that offers incredible views from every angle, with stunning natural beauty that is harnessed by its inhabitants.

From the rugged mountains of British Columbia to the stunning coastlines of Newfoundland, you will certainly see some awe-inspiring natural wonders during your trip. Let’s not forget all the great man-made attractions like the CN Tower that you can also see as well.

There are lots of different ways you can see all these scenic spots. Rail, boat and on foot all offer great views. But one of the best ways to see some of Canada’s top attractions is from above.

With our flights from the UK to Canada you can see a whole host of Canada’s most iconic cities, and with the number of holidays that we offer, the natural wonders like the Niagara Falls are readily available.

Here we take you through some of the best views you can see from aeroplanes, floatplanes, helicopter tours and other flightseeing trips.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Trips to Vancouver are a must as this coastal gem is beautifully located in between the Coastal Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean.

Known for its world-class shopping, the city is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking for urban adventures.

While you can enjoy cycling, hiking and shopping in and around the city, the best way to get a view of the city is on a flight to Vancouver. If you are looking for something a little different to your normal sightseeing flight, then Harbour Air Seaplanes have a number of floatplanes that can give you a panoramic view of the city and the islands en route to Vancouver Island. Here is a great example of some of the views you can see during the trip.

Kevin Sojoodi, who runs his own property website, is a real estate expert and he took this great snap of Vancouver during a flight.

Recommended excursion

While you can get great views of Vancouver during your flight, the best way to get a closer and more unique look at Vancouver and Vancouver Island is by booking a seaplane tour. You can get an insight into the tour by watching the below video from one of our excursions.


The capital of Ontario is located along Lake Ontario’s north-western shore and this dynamic metropolis boasts a variety of skyscrapers. But even the iconic CN Tower dwarfs even these soaring structures.

The CN Tower allows you to see some great views of the surrounding area, but to see the CN Tower itself from above, choose one of the many flightseeing trips on offer.

This post from Julia Eskins, the co-founder and editor of the Here and There Magazine, shows the Toronto skyline and the CN Tower in all its glory as part of a helicopter tour over Toronto.

Recommended excursion

The best way to see Toronto from above is via a heli tour as you can fly out of downtown Toronto and see the city’s attractions and the picturesque Inner Harbour. The helicopter tours on offer also tell you about the city and this is why these excursions are enjoyed by thousands of people every year.


The jewel in the Québec’s crown is Montréal. The city is steeped in heritage with the 19th century architecture of old Montréall like the Basilique Notre-Dame as well as more modern 20th-century structures like the Stade Olympique.

The city is full of colour in the autumn and summer, but it is also regarded as a winter wonderland and this is demonstrated perfectly in the below photograph from Stu Wild. This photograph spectacularly shows the city covered in snow with the St. Lawrence River in the background.

Recommended excursion

If you are wanting a closer look at Montréal from the air, then you can discover this great city by flying overhead in a helicopter. There a range of different tours available to you and these vary from 20-minute to 60-minute flights and trips accommodating for one to five passengers.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most iconic sights in the whole of Canada – and even in the world – as this famous waterfall on the Canada-US border draws in around 12 million people every year.

You can see Niagara Falls in a variety of ways depending what type of view you want of the falls and how close you want to get to it.

You can opt to take a Journey behind the Falls and guarantee to get wet, or look up at the falls at its thundering foot on board the Voyage to the Falls boat cruise.

However, one of the best views you can get of the Niagara Falls is on a helicopter flight as you get breath-taking views of the falls and the surrounding area. The scenery is truly amazing and only from that height can you fully appreciate the magnificence and grandeur of one of nature’s most impressive spectacles.

Niagara Helicopters, who offer a number of helicopter tours over the Niagara Falls, have revealed some of the spectacular photographs that have been taken during their tours.

This one was taken in the middle of winter and shows the area surrounding the Horeshoe Falls covered in snow.

Niagara Falls in winter

If you’re lucky you can catch a beautiful photograph above the falls.

Photograph above the Niagara Falls

Recommended excursion

The helicopter flights to Niagara Falls are definitely the best way to see this natural beauty and you can book helicopter tours for as little as £77 per person.

Québec City

If you love real old-world charm then a holiday to Québec City is right up your street. The Parisian-style cafes, chateaus, cobbled streets and history will make it a holiday to remember.

While you can see the oldest city in Canada from the St. Lawrence River, another great way to see this classic city is by air.

Agence Pixelyst, who are a group of photographers, took this fantastic aerial photograph of Chateau Frontenac during a hot air balloon ride when they visited for the famous Québec City winter carnival.

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City

Recommended excursion

You can see Québec City from the air in a number of different ways, but the best ones available are either by helicopter or hot air balloon. If you decide to go by hot air balloon in the winter months you will need to wrap up warm as it may get a bit chilly!


If you love the great outdoors then you should consider travelling to the Yukon in northwest Canada as this territory is mountainous and wild. It is sparsely populated and is home to Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada, which nestles among the peaks of Kluane National Park.

To get an insight into the mountainous region, Samantha May took this while she was flying over Yukon to Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory.

Flying over the Kluane National Park in particular offers you some incredible views of the mountains and A Brit and a Broad took this beautiful photograph.

Recommended excursion

The best way to see the incredible mountains that make up the Kluane National Park is to go on a one-hour flightseeing tour. You can book this up as part of the Yukon and Alaska Explorer holiday we offer.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park in Alberta is well-known for being home to the Canadian Rockies and although there is 6,641 square kilometres of unparalleled mountain scenery there are also lots of stunning lakes to see.

With Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Lake Minnewanka and the Vermilion Lakes just some of the alpine lakes on offer, an aerial view lets you properly see those iconic turquoise hues. There are so many ways to see Banff national park from above. Ski lifts constantly run up the mountain, offering you incredible views. Alternatively, you can paraglide through this section of the Rockies for incredible views.

This photograph comes from an Alpine Helicopters aerial tour of the glaciers around Lake Louise and as you can see shows the photograph shows the beautiful frozen landscapes around the lake.

Recommended excursion

With the Rainforest to Gold Rush Grand Adventure Calgary II holiday you can go on a summit helicopter flightseeing trip to get a bird’s eye view of all the beautiful mountains and lakes in the area. As part of this trip you can also enjoy going on the Rocky Mountaineer rail journey in SilverLeaf Service and go enjoy the Icefields Parkway Tour.

Image Credit: tsaiproject, Kevin Sojoodi, uzejka, Stu Wild, Niagara Helicopters, Agence Pixelyst (, Samantha May.

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