Canada is home to some of the most impressive animals on the planet - and unsurprisingly, this is a major draw for many people.

From polar bears and grizzly bears to orcas and cougars, there is so much diversity in Canada’s wildlife. Here are some of the things you need to know.

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Despite being home to an array of large animals, it’s the beaver that is Canada’s national animal as it represents the colonial past of the country.

Canada’s largest rodent, the beaver, is a big, nocturnal, semi-aquatic animal that is famed for building dams, canals and lodges. From the early 17th century the trade in beaver pelts had been at the centre of Canada’s economy.

The beaver is predominantly found in the forested regions across the country and it is an animal you can see on wildlife holidays in Canada. Generally, these fascinating animals live in streams, where they build dams made of sticks, logs, mud and other debris.

Here are some fast facts about the beaver:

  • The average age of a beaver in the wild is 24 years
  • Their estimated population is around 6-12 million around the world
  • Beavers boast dark reddish and brown coats

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