Ever wondered what scrumptiously delicious food Canada has to offer? Explore the country with our cuisine map, where each image marks a new, tasty delight.

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Deliciously Tempting Canadian Food

Canadians love food. But even though the maple leaf’s famous silhouette has pride of place on Canada’s flag, the nation boasts far more delicacies than just maple syrup. Rivers teeming with fresh fish branch into each of Canada’s far flung territories. Mind-blowing fusion foods grace every street corner in the buzzing city metropolises. Thanks to the lushness of its landscapes and the uniqueness of its peoples, Canadian food is as diverse as it is distinctive. And not to mention delicious.

If you’re planning your dream holiday to Canada, make sure your taste buds get a good share in the action with our map of where to find the best of Canadian food.

As Mystique from the popular food blog Chef Sous Chef comments, “"The Canadian food landscape is as genuine, diverse and proud as the people of this country. Each province's contribution to the food scene of Canada is a mosaic that when put together form a united and unique palate of flavours."

Famous Canadian Cuisine

Here is our run-down of the most famous of Canadian cuisine and where you can find some of the country’s more unusual regional specialities.

This lean, pork loin bacon is wet-cured for flavour and rolled in a crunchy crust.

Originally the crushed yellow pea coating was used to help extend the bacon’s shelf life, but today peameal bacon is covered in cornmeal for an irresistible bite. 

It was William Davies, a bacon curer from Toronto, who was first credited with the food’s creation. He made it to sell to England, which was then experiencing a shortage in bacon.

Grilled in medium slices, the centre is left slightly rare, with a crispy exterior for a melt-in-the-mouth taste.

Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market is world-renowned for its peameal bacon sandwiches, particularly Carousel Bakery’s ‘World Famous Peameal Bacon Sandwiches’.

Regional Canadian delicacies

Around Canada, regions and provinces boast their very own speciality dishes, and some of these have even gained national and international acclaim

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