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Being mindful of the impact we have on our planet can be applied to many different areas of life, including deciding what to pack for your next holiday. Eco-friendly travel is an ever-growing trend, with many of us becoming more aware of the resources we use and the footprint we leave behind. If you’re looking to purchase cheap flights to Canada and are wondering how you can pack in an eco-friendly manner, then this guide is for you. From toiletries to the clothes on your back, it’s all here and all friendly to the environment.

Eco-friendly winter coat

If you’re looking to head across the pond during the colder months, a winter coat is a must. The good news is that there are plenty of sustainable and eco-friendly options out there. The retailer, Finisterre sells a range of coats made from recycled materials, including their warmest option, the Vellus Parka, which they call “the best jacket we’ve ever made”. The coat uses recycled polyester, so you can keep warm and dry—all while having a clean conscience on your Canadian travels.

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Shampoo bars/travel soap

A great way to reduce plastic use when travelling to Canada is by ditching shampoo bottles and instead packing eco-friendly shampoo bars. These long-lasting alternatives take up very little space and you can take great comfort in knowing you are not going to leave behind a plastic bottle. The team at Friendly Soap have a number of options in this department, including a natural, all-in-one travel soap that can be used on skin, hair, and even clothes.

The team at Friendly Soap spoke to us about how it’s important for travellers to be able to use one simple, harmless product: “For travellers that are out in the wild, a biodegradable and versatile washing system is essential to guarantee minimum impact on the surrounding environment.”

What are the eco-friendly credentials of ethically produced soap? Well, as Friendly Soap explains, natural, handmade soap “creates no by-products, especially when packed in recycled and recyclable packaging”. The soap is also “free from animal products (vegan and cruelty-free), manufactured by people paid a living wage, without using plastic, parabens, SLS phthalates or triclosan.”

Eco-friendly backpack

When enjoying your travels, you are more than likely to want to bring a backpack of some sort. This might be to hold snacks and valuables as you explore Canada’s beautiful cities or items you might need when heading off the beaten path through the nation’s rugged countryside. So, make sure you bring an eco-friendly backpack – one that was made via methods and materials that respect the environment.

Wendy from Moral Fibres, a UK green travel and lifestyle blog, suggests Re-Kanken Backpack from Fjallraven as her number one ethical backpack to purchase: “If you are looking for something practical to tote along your daily belongings, then Fjallraven has pretty much cornered the market.”

The Re-Kanken backpack is made entirely from polyester that has been recycled from plastic bottles. This backpack can even be recycled again once you no longer need it.

Environmentally friendly ski/board wax

Snowboard in snow

If you are heading to Canada for skiing or snowboarding, it’s worth bringing along some wax for your skis or board. Traditional wax, however, utilises toxic elements that are harmful to the environment. Butta prioritises environmental sustainability in the manufacture of their products, and their Eco Wax product is 100% eco-friendly and contains enough for 10 standard waxes.

Bamboo toothbrushes

Finding an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic is a big part of the eco-lifestyle. Bamboo happens to be a great option as it can be moulded into many different shapes. This natural material is now being used for all sorts of everyday products and this includes toothbrushes. You can’t go on holiday without bringing your toothbrush so why not ditch the plastic and pack away a bamboo variant? This compostable bamboo toothbrush from Save Some Green will make a nice addition to your packing list.

The team at this eco-friendly retailer told us: “Bamboo toothbrushes are arguably the easiest way to be more environmentally friendly. They are a simple and cost-effective way to minimise your impact on the world. Bamboo is one of the most durable and versatile materials on the planet. It also requires no pesticides or herbicides and has a higher tensile strength than steel.”

Reusable carrier bag

When out and about on your travels, you will likely be picking up all sorts of bits and pieces. From snacks and souvenirs to new items of clothing, the eco-minded among us will want an option other than just plastic bags available at retailers. So why not bring along a reusable carrier bag of your own? Find something strong but easy to fold away to store in your suitcase. If you don’t use plastic bags at home, why use them abroad?

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Reusable drinks bottle/lunch box


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Travelling can be thirsty work, but instead of just buying a plastic bottle of water from a shop, why not do the environmentally friendly thing and bring a reusable drinks bottle? Just fill it up with water before leaving your hotel and be happy in the knowledge you aren’t contributing to the plastic issue in Canada.

Beth Noy, the founder of plastic-free retailer, Plastic Freedom, suggests packing the following items: “Whenever I travel, I always take my reusable water bottle and lunchbox for food and drink on the go. These are amazing for taking home leftovers from a meal out, eating street food or packing a picnic for an adventure in the mountains.”

If you don’t own an eco-friendly bottle yourself, Plastic Freedom has a number of options that are 100% plastic-free.

What eco-friendly items to pack for a holiday to Canada?

– Eco-friendly winter coat

– Shampoo bars/travel soap

– Eco-friendly backpack

– Bamboo toothbrushes

– Environmentally friendly ski/board wax

– Reusable carrier bag

– Reusable drinks bottle/lunchbox

As you can see, there are a whole host of useful eco-friendly products that will be perfect for your upcoming holiday. In fact, it’s never been easier to be sustainable on your travels. “So long as you are prepared and have a few key items with you, you can enjoy everything a country has to offer, without leaving plastic waste behind,” says Beth from Plastic Freedom.

If you’re looking forward to getting away soon, consider a Canada car rental to explore the country by road.

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