What to expect from your first Canadian motorhome holiday


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When visiting new destinations, the experience you have will largely depend on the type of accommodation you choose. Nothing immerses you in the Canadian outdoors like travelling in a motorhome. Providing you with freedom, flexibility and panoramic views over the unspoiled landscape, a motorhome holiday allows you to experience this gorgeous location in a truly unique way. Read on for what you can expect from a Canadian motorhome holiday.

Pack as heavy (or as light) as you’d like

An RV in the snow

There’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your motorhome when travelling across the Canadian landscape. Bringing home comforts can make it easier for you to adjust to life on the road­—but don’t let that tempt you to overpack. With many different storage compartments, you can conveniently keep items within your vehicle that you’ll need throughout the duration of your trip. Keeping things like snacks, cooking utensils and clothes for all weathers will prevent you from splurging on items you already had at home (ideal if you’re planning a cheap holiday to Canada).

Jill from the RV travel blog ‘ Your RV Lifestyle’ shared this piece of advice for those looking at motorhome hire in Canada: “Try to think ahead to what type of tools you might need on the road and/or spare parts. Having a basic tool set, duct tape and some WD-40 will go a long way when you are out in the middle of nowhere and something breaks down. Better go ahead and purchase the manual for your model of RV, that way you can find and diagnose things when they do break.”

Discover hidden gems

An RV in the snow

“Travelling in Canada in a motorhome really allows you to have unique interactions with the beautiful, natural environment all around you”, shares Brooke from the travel blog, ‘ Trailing Away’. “You can do everything, from stopping for a picnic next to an iceberg to walking along a mountain trail near your campground, or driving along a scenic highway. While there are some lovely campgrounds, they can get busy during the summer season near the most popular Canadian destinations. So, don’t limit yourself to the most commonly visited places. Our trip through Newfoundland involved a seven-hour ferry ride and many out-of-the-way stops, but it was one of our favourite places of all time.”


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Make like-minded friends

A long road in the forest

Although hotels surround you with people from all different walks of life, nothing offers you a social aspect quite like travelling in a motorhome. On your first trip, you will inevitably stumble across some hurdles that you didn’t expect to encounter, like forgetting an important piece of your kit or struggling to connect to the electric hook-up, for example. But you’ll find that your fellow campmates are often more than happy to assist, as well as providing suggestions and recommendations for your onward journey.

Travelling for six months each year, Linda and David from ‘ Retired and Travelling’ love to visit new destinations in their motorhome. They provided this piece of insight to those who are thinking about travelling to Canada: “Canada is a great place to explore by motorhome or RV.  While there are some great bigger cities in Canada, there are also so many great outdoor spots to discover.  A motorhome or RV lets you get closer to the natural beauty of the country. There are a lot of parks to stay in with a full range of services.  But make sure you check in advance about whether reservations are needed because the parks get very busy in the nicer weather. Set your expectations properly about how much of Canada you can see in one trip.”

Travel at your own paceCanada mountains

“Nova Scotia is a wonderful destination to visit in a camper van,” says Kait from ‘ We’re the Russos’. “Plan for a one-week trip to explore the Cabot Trail at your own pace and enjoy the incredible sunset at Peggy’s Cove from the comfort of your own home on wheels. We have been travelling in an RV since 2015 and one piece of advice we want to share with first time RV travellers is to take your time and be flexible. You may find a beautiful overlook to stop at and enjoy a meal or find a trailhead off the beaten path to explore.”

We also heard from Heather from the travel blog ‘ Heather on her Travels’, who shared this piece of useful advice with us: “If you are flying into Canada to start your RV holiday, allow a day or two at the start and end of the holiday to relax and explore the city you land in. Then on the day you pick up your RV, plan a relatively short drive of an hour or two before you stop for the night, so that you get used to the RV, how to drive it and how it’s equipped. This way you’ll ease into handling a larger vehicle than you may have been used to driving and will quickly become confident enough to enjoy your trip.”

Travelling at your own pace is one of the most magical elements of a motorhome holiday. Whether you’re spending a couple of days or a month on the road, having the freedom to take things one step at a time means that you can truly unwind and relax, exploring more of the fantastic nature around you. Although many travellers have an itinerary in mind before embarking on their road trip, this can change at any time. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across a location that you hadn’t included on your list, or maybe you’d like to spend an extra day hiking through the greenery. With no fixed schedule, you can witness more of the beauty that Canada has to offer while driving to some of its most spectacular national parks.


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Top tips for your first Canadian motorhome holiday

The back of a motorhome

If you’re thinking about visiting Canada, a motorhome holiday could be the trip for you. We’ve included a list of our top tips for those who are travelling below:

  • Discover new locations
  • Deviate from your itinerary
  • Pack home comforts
  • Keep a toolbox onboard
  • Meet new friends
  • Listen to recommendations from other travellers
  • Make some parking reservations beforehand
  • Be flexible and take your time

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