Four unique provinces make up Atlantic Canada and each one boasts its own charm, attractions and coastal adventures. It’s because of this allure that New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are hugely popular with foodies, road trippers and adrenaline junkies as destinations for holidays in Canada.

Located on the East Coast of Canada these sea-faring provinces might each have their own unique flavour, but they all share the same palette of picturesque fishing villages, pristine beaches and the freshest seafood.

Here we take you through what each province has to offer so you can plan your next trip to Atlantic Canada.

Four corners

Explore New Brunswick

Located beside Quebec and above Maine, New Brunswick is made for road trips. With its beautiful panoramas and sandy beaches there are lots of reasons to visit the province during your next holiday to Canada.

Top Attractions

Bay of Fundy

A person stands on a wooden viewing platform in one of the Atlantic Canada provinces, overlooking a coastal landscape with a sandy beach and tidal flats. Tall pine trees frame the scene under a clear blue sky.

The Bay of Fundy is a 170-mile-long bay that is home to the world’s highest tides (reaching up to 54-feet). The bay’s rich waters are full of marine wildlife, including 12 species of whale, dolphins, porpoises, seabirds, seals and lots more. The rock cliffs, sandstone formations, mudflats and marsh plateaus will definitely catch your eye during your visit.

Hopewell Rocks

Three kayakers paddle near unique, tall rock formations and tree-topped islands in the calm, blue waters off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. The sky is clear and the surrounding vegetation is lush green

Hopewell Rocks is one of the most iconic attractions in the province and thousands of people every year visit to appreciate this remarkable landmark.

You can walk on the ocean floor in the shadows of the flower-pot rocks, a unique formation that has been carved over thousands of years of erosion.

If you visit at low-tide you can walk along the 2km beach and even enter the coves that are dotted along the cliffs.

Whale watching in Saint Andrews

A whale's tail emerges from the water in front of the "jolly breeze" schooner, filled with spectators, near a rocky shoreline in Nova Scotia.

One of the most popular activities to try in Saint Andrews is whale watching, as nothing beats seeing a humpback, minke, finback or North Atlantic right whale breach the water.

There are plenty of whale watching tour operators ready to take you out to the best whale watching locations. Jolly Breeze takes you in either a tall ship or a new jet boat around the Bay of Fundy.

The whale season lasts from June to the end of October. The world’s highest tides occur twice-daily and stir up the bounty of food in the Bay of Fundy, attracting the whales on their migration.

Restaurants to try New Brunswick’s delicacies

A joyful group of four adults on a beach in Nova Scotia, with a man in front holding up a large lobster towards the camera. A basket filled with lobsters is also visible in the foreground.

For lobster – Billy’s Seafood Company in Saint John is renowned for its seafood and its restaurant and fish market only accept local ingredients. This includes lobster, which can be boiled and cracked and served with warm butter, fries or house salad. There is lobster roll and lobster mac and cheese also on the menu.

Dulse – Saint John Ale House isn’t just about cask ale, cocktails and beer - you can enjoy a delicious food menu inspired by local ingredients. On the menu you can try fire-grilled dulse with bacon maple scallops. Dulse, an edible seaweed, is a popular delicacy in the region and should be on your food itinerary.

Poutine râpée – This boiled dumpling made from potato stuffed with pork is a popular dish and Saint Antoine Poutine serves some of the best around.

Fiddleheads – These tender young ferns are renowned in the province and you join a foraging tour to find them. 

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