Jamie Barrow’s Vancouver Adventure


Even though I’m a pro snowboarder and have had countless recommendations to visit Canada, somehow I’ve never had the opportunity to visit…until now! I was excited as soon as I got to the airport, and the flight from Gatwick to Vancouver with Air Transat was so easy that I was touching down before I knew it.

Direct flight from London to Vancouver
Image: Jamie Barrow

It was a beautifully sunny day in Vancouver, and after settling into my hotel I headed out to explore. Everyone is so friendly and kind in Canada and it makes you feel so welcome! The first thing we discovered is that the city has an amazing selection of beers and ales, and the locals recommended so many great bars and restaurants for us to try.

The next morning I headed downtown to begin my day of walking and sightseeing. I started by visiting Stanley Park, which overlooks the water – it was stunning, especially in the sunshine!

Stanley Park Vancouver
Image: Jamie Barrow

After a couple of days exploring I started to figure out where everything was, which made me love Vancouver even more – it started to feel so familiar so quickly! You’re never short of things to do here, and if you’re feeling tired after a long day of sightseeing you can head to the waterfront and watch the seaplanes take off from the water.

Vancouver holiday
Image: Jamie Barrow

There’s so much to do in Vancouver and I tried to cram as much in as possible. I went to a Vancouver Canucks ice hockey game, which was absolutely awesome – the atmosphere was incredible. We were sitting in row two, so right next to the game itself and we could hear everything happening on the ice, even the fights! I definitely recommend booking tickets to a game when you visit.

Ice hockey on Canada holiday
Image: Jamie Barrow

I also visited the Vancouver Aquarium, which was really fun, especially as I haven’t been since I was little. It’s so easy to get to and you can walk or cycle there straight from the city. Inside, you can see everything from jellyfish to jumping dolphins; it’s got to be one of the best aquariums in the world!

We decided to take a trip to Vancouver Islands, which takes an hour and a half to get to on a scenic ferry crossing. This gave me the chance to see Vancouver from a different perspective and to see the little islands surrounding it. I’d definitely recommend visiting Vancouver Island!

Holiday to Vancouver Island
Image: Jamie Barrow

It was hard to squeeze everything in to one trip so I prioritised the things I really wanted to do in the last couple of days. I went on the Flyover Canada, which is a unique experience that feels like you’re on a rollercoaster. After you’re safely strapped in and the lights go off, you feel the seats move forward and suddenly your legs are dangling. The simulation allows you to explore Canada from above – it’s so beautiful, even on a screen!

On the last day of my trip I visited the ‘Vancouver Lookout’, where you can experience 360 degrees of the city from the top of a skyscraper. It gave me a whole new perspective of this beautiful city – I stayed up there for ages just gazing out and exploring the horizon. You can also find out about the history of the city up here, which is fascinating and I learnt a lot about Vancouver.

Vancouver holiday
Image: Jamie Barrow

This was definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever done, as there were so many things to do and the Canadian people were so friendly. You really couldn’t ask for more from a holiday. Plus, with direct flights from the UK to Vancouver with Air Transat, there’s no excuse not to visit!

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