How many of these places have you visited in Canada?


How many of these places have you visited in Canada

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world with its awe-inspiring scenery, welcoming atmosphere and vibrant cities. When it comes to booking flights to Vancouver or Toronto and other gateway cities, it couldn’t be easier to fly direct from the UK. It’s no surprise that Canada is a hugely popular holiday destination.


We’re sure you’ll have heard about some of the spectacular things you can do on holiday in Canada from people that have visited. There’s hiking some of Canada’s mountains, the tours around the Arctic tundra, the drives along its spectacular coastlines or its energetic cities. You may have been to Canada before and want to go back but can’t decide where.

Here at Canadian Affair, we’ve created a quiz to see how many places you’ve visited in Canada. You might even discover places that you’d quite like to travel to next. Just swipe right for the places you’ve visited or swipe left for the destinations you haven’t visited. You’ll soon discover which places have had the most visits!

Some places you can visit in Canada

There are so many different destinations in Canada that you can visit and no matter whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a culture vulture there is a multitude of ways to enjoy your stay in this wonderful country. Here are just some of the most popular destinations you can visit.

Calgary, Alberta

Holidaymaker type: Outdoor enthusiast


Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and with it being ideally located between the Canadian Prairies and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, it is the perfect gateway to Canada’s great outdoors.

Judy, who works for Calgary Walks & Bus Tours, says Calgary has so much to offer you.

“Calgary is a diverse and culturally interesting city to visit.  Although it is known as the gateway to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the city has much to offer the visitor.  Whether looking for breath-taking landscapes, parks to stroll in or sites to visit, Calgary has it all.  The friendly locals are always eager to assist a traveller in finding an adventure that suits their personality. Our culinary scene rivals any city in the world, with every culture represented and waiting to awaken the taste buds. Visitors have an opportunity to discover Calgary’s community spirit and Western hospitality, and it is that spirit that makes a visit to Calgary unforgettable.

“There are many attractions in Calgary to meet the needs of all types of visitors.  If looking for museums, Studio Bell, Glenbow Museum and the Lougheed House would appeal to the visitor. For those looking for activities, Canada Olympic Park lets the visitor try zip lining, the luge and the bobsled.  For those looking for history and things to do with the kids, try the Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park, or Calaway Park.”

By going on a walking or bus tour you’ll be able to get a great overview of the city and its fascinating history.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Holidaymaker type: Culture vulture and outdoor enthusiast


Vancouver is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Canada and it should come as little surprise when you consider the variety of activities that are on offer.

The city really is a natural playground where you can swim in the ocean, ski in the nearby mountains and stroll through the scenic parks. Leslie Rossi, the lifestyle blogger behind A Life Well Consumed, talks about some of her favourite parts of the city.

“I love Vancouver for how beautiful of a city she is! We are so fortunate to have both the ocean and mountains within sight and literally could go to and from on the same day!

“For anyone who is a first timer to Vancouver, I would definitely recommend spending an afternoon exploring Stanley Park, take in views from Jericho Beach, walk the Lions Gate Bridge and take the gondola up to Grouse Mountain.

“If you have more than a few days, explore Main Street from West 10th to West 33, spend a lazy afternoon at Kitsilano beach and eat your way around the city. Vancouver is such an easy city to get around, so don’t be afraid to just walk and discover her neighbourhoods.”

Forbidden Vancouver stage walking tours and special events that celebrate the history of the city and the tour operator says that while there are lots of outdoor attractions on offer there’s lots more to discover.

“Here at Forbidden Vancouver, we love our city not only for the natural beauty of the mountains, water, and forests that surround us, but for the incredible stories that lie right below the surface. In our gleaming city of modern glass skyscrapers, not many people know that we have a gritty history of opium dens, bootlegging, and riots. The contrast between the beautiful surface of the city and the thrill of uncovering its darker side make Vancouver an incredible city to visit.

“First time visitors absolutely must visit Stanley Park, it’s the largest urban park in North America and considered the jewel of Vancouver. You can run the trails, bike the seawall, or hike the forest for a perfect combination of exercise and scenery. For a deeper dive into the hidden history among all the natural splendour, join our Secrets of Stanley Park walking tour!”

Toronto, Ontario

Holidaymaker type: The foodie


The capital of Ontario, Toronto is the largest city in Canada in terms of population. Thanks to its vibrant melting pot of influences and cultures, there are diverse districts like Chinatown, Little India and Little Italy.

This cultural diversity means that there are foods from all around the world that you can try and the city’s cuisine really is renowned.

Lori Bosworth, who is the editor of Torontonicity, says the variety of the cuisines is one of the many reasons she loves the city.

“Toronto offers such a variety of cuisines due to its multicultural mosaic. You can enjoy pho in Chinatown, souvlaki on the Danforth, curry in the Gerrard-India Bazaar and thin-crust pizza in Little Italy. Toronto is still a relatively safe, clean city and it’s very easy to get around on the transit system. Living on the shore of Lake Ontario is a lot of fun too!”

Toronto is also full of impressive landmarks and if you’ve not visited the city before Lori Bosworth recommends some of the attractions you can visit.

“Of course you’ll want to visit the CN Tower, but make sure to visit the amazing Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, where sharks swim over your head. If you’re a baseball fan, definitely try and get tickets for the Blue Jays and see the Rogers Centre’s retractable roof. The gorgeous Art Gallery of Ontario underwent a renovation by internationally-known architect Frank Gehry. Visit the vibrant St. Lawrence Market and purchase fresh food from vendors. Take a walk along the boardwalk at the Beaches in Toronto’s east end.”

Solmaz, a full-time food and travel blogger from Toronto who runs The Curious Creature, says there are lots of reasons she loves Toronto.

“I love Toronto because it’s a complex city that has many layers. It’s made for the curious – those who love the feeling of discovery. An energized cultural hub, it’s the kind of place you’ll want to aimlessly wander and openly experience. Each neighbourhood has a distinct vibe that is ever-changing which makes exploring very exciting for first-time and repeat visitors.”

Solmaz says there are lots of trips and attractions you should visit during your trip to Toronto.

“A day trip to the Toronto Islands is a must. Removed from the city core, it’s where locals escape to for some fresh air, outdoor activities and beach time. St Lawrence Market has been ranked as one of the world’s best markets so you’d be remiss not to visit on a Saturday morning when it’s bustling. Also carve out some time to stroll through the historic Distillery District, Yorkville neighbourhood and West Queen West. Toronto is also home to many beautiful parks, beaches and waterfront paths so I recommend checking those out during your stay.”

Quebec City, Quebec

Holidaymaker type: History buff

Quebec City

Quebec City is the capital of the Quebec province. The bustling French-speaking city, with its heritage and architecture, looks just like a charming European city.

It’s Old Quebec neighbourhood is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with stunning architectural attractions like the Citadel and the Place-Royale. The explorer Samuel de Camplain established the first North American-French settlement here, which makes it a fascinating destination for those of you that love history.

If you really want to top off your holiday you should look to stay at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac castle hotel as it is ideally located inside the walls of Old Quebec and is one of the world’s leading hotels.

Sebastien Ivers from Tours Voir Quebec, dynamic Quebec City tour guides, says there are lots of things to love about the city.

“First, Quebec city is full of charm. It invites people to stroll aimlessly through its winding streets, where any corner is a picture spot. Second, it’s a medium-sized city, with a village-like feel where you easily meet people you know. Third, in spite of its relatively small size, it’s a vibrant city, with a lively cultural scene full of creativity. Many cultural festivals are taking place throughout the year, there is always something going on! Lastly, we are proud to live in a city recognised by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.

“Quebec City offers a unique blend of urban life and natural wonders, with four clearly marked seasons each with its advantage. The local gastronomy is also a source of pride for its inhabitants. From cheese to ice wine, our region has a lot to offer to your taste buds! Make sure to plan at least 3 days to fully discover the area.”

If you’ll be heading to Quebec City for the first-time there are lots of activities to do, according to Tours Voir Quebec.

“A new visitor to Quebec City must wander all around the oldest part of the town and the best way to do it is to follow a guided walking tour with a professional guide of Tours Voir Quebec. The Citadel, perched on top of the cliff overlooking the St-Lawrence, is also a must-see. Then, heading out to the Montmorency waterfall for a relaxing half-day excursion just outside of town is something a newcomer cannot miss. Wandering along the suspension bridge on top of the 83 metre high waterfalls while enjoying the view of the Island of Orleans will bring lasting memories.

If you’re interested in going on a Canadian holiday to any of the destinations in the quiz, then call us today on 0203 424 6320.

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