Millennials rank Canada the best country in a world survey


Millennials rank Canada the best country in a world survey

In a recent survey, Canada was voted the best country around the world by the millennial generation.

Participants came to this conclusion by judging how well each of the 65 countries included in the survey promote attributes such as cultural influence, financial and political power and citizenship on the global stage.

The study was carried out by U.S. News & World Report in partnership with BAV Consulting and revealed that over 16,000 18-35-year-olds across the globe praise Canada highly as a place to live and start a career.

While we won’t be immigrating anytime soon, we explore which factors highlighted in the results benefit you on your holiday to Canada.

Canadian Heritage

Canada was considered for its cultural accessibility in the best country survey and given the nation’s rich history, exploring Canadian heritage is generally top of the list for first-time visitors. From trying new and unusual foods to checking off some of its well-known landmarks, Canada is sure to keep you entertained.

Cultural attractions such as the Canadian Museum of History in the country’s capital Ottawa tell the story of its people or, as is the case with Calgary’s Glenbow Museum, inform us about the industries and past events that have helped to shape each unique province.Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa

Quality of Life

Many of Canada’s favourite cities offer a fantastic quality of life to not only their permanent residents but anyone visiting too. Safety in provincial capitals is obviously an attractive pull and was included as a factor in the best country survey. Along with convenient flights to Toronto and the like, Canada’s cities are easy to get to and explore confidently. These cities are also family friendly and with numerous cultural attractions to visit, you’re guaranteed to find activities to suit the whole clan’s interests.

Toronto and Montreal have long been vying for the title of top foodie haven in Canada and now we’re reaping the benefits, with countless gourmet options to suit every wallet and diner. One dish always worth ordering off the menu is the national dish poutine – a satisfying plate of French fries topped with cheese curds and homemade gravy.

Canadian poutine

Vancouver, on the other hand, also boasts excellent access to the surrounding beauty in the British Columbia province. Take a nature watching excursion around Vancouver & Vancouver Island out on the Pacific Ocean to discover the region’s spectacular wildlife before you head back to the city to enjoy its nightlife.


Another point measured in the best country survey was adventure – addressing the climate and its scenic value.

Canada’s diverse landscapes offer a different viewing experience wherever you go in the country, whether it be marvelling at the Northern Lights or taking on Alberta’s mountains for some of the best skiing in Canada.

Canada is also keen to promote environmental issues and recently marked Earth Hour 2016 to demonstrate their awareness of climate change. Hardly surprising, given that the country is home to so many areas of natural beauty. The Canadian Rockies are just one such remarkable fixture on the landscape but it’s a must if you’re coming to the country for the first time. From its pine tree covered mountain ranges to the vivid blue waters of locations like Lake Louise, a favourite ski resort, a trip to Canada’s Rocky Mountains is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will leave even the most experienced explorers amongst us in awe of nature.

Banff National Park in Canada

It’s well worth arranging car hire in Canada as many of the popular natural landmarks lie just beyond urban destinations. Take Niagara Falls or the stunning Banff National Park for example; both are within comfortable driving distance from their nearest cities.


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