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Montréal is one of those cities that you can visit time and time again thanks to the fantastic attractions and activities available. This is doubly true when it comes to families, as Montréal is home to a plethora of exciting things to see and do that everyone can enjoy. From fascinating science museums to adrenaline-inducing theme parks, it’s all here. If you are a parent planning your upcoming family holiday to Canada, you are certainly spoilt for choice in Montréal. Don’t worry, this parents’ guide to the city’s family-friendly attractions is here to show you the highlights.

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Montréal Science Centre

Montréal Science Centre is certainly one of city’s best-loved family attractions. Situated in the Old Port, this interactive and child-friendly haven allows kids to not just observe some fascinating exhibitions but to get involved themselves! The centre has the aim of simultaneously entertaining and informing, utilising games, media events and fun experiments to teach children about the world. For parents searching for an attraction that isn’t just entertaining but also educational, Montréal Science Centre really is the perfect ticket.

Speaking to us about why they believe they are perfect for families, Montréal Science Centre said: “With five interactive exhibitions and an IMAX theatre, the Science Centre is made for families. Visitors really enjoy the hands-on approach, whether it’s Fabrik, our tinkering lab, the Human exhibition or Water in the Universe, which features a REAL touchable moon rock on loan from NASA. There’s so much fun to be had, kids don’t even realize they’re learning until it’s too late!”

The centre even offered up a tip for visiting parents: “The Science Centre is located in the heart of the Old Port of Montréal, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Québec. A great way to maximize your day is to schedule a combo. There are plenty of activities all year long within a 2-kilometre radius, so there’s always something to do!”


– IMAX Theatre

– Games

– Experiments

– Exhibitions

– An interactive and fun way to learn

Ceramic Café

Ceramic Cafe

Image credit: Ceramic Cafe

A great way for families to bond is by doing things together that they might not normally have experienced. This is where Montréal’s Ceramic Café comes in, a place where all members of the family can come together to paint and personalise ceramics in any way they please! Kids will love getting messy with the paints, and who knows, you might discover a budding artist among your brood! Combine this with some delicious food and drink options to enjoy while you’re getting creative and it’s easy to see why so many choose to stop by.

Ceramic Café spoke to us about what they believe makes them the perfect spot for visiting families: “Ceramic Café is a wonderful creative activity for you to do with your children. You get to try something new and artistic while spending a relaxing time with your family. Families can spend a joyful time together and make memories that will last for years.”


– Fun bonding exercise

– A unique creative experience

– Delicious food menu

– Refreshing beverages

– A personalised menu on request


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Zipline across the Old Port

MTL Zipline Montreal

Image credit: MTL Zipline

For a totally different experience that is bound to get the kids excited, MTL Zipline is an attraction that shouldn’t be missed. Found in the Old Port, visitors get a chance to zip around on the first urban zip-line in Canada. Some great views are available, though you may be going too fast to truly appreciate them! For families looking for a few thrills during their holiday in Montréal, the chance to fly across famous sites like Bonsecours Island and the historic Old Port will certainly be memorable. There’s even a freefall tower if you are up for it!

Speaking about his attraction and offering a great tip for visitors, president of MTL Zipline, Sam Cadotte, said: “We are proud to accept participants of all ages. Our youngest participant as of today is three years old and our oldest… 92! It’s totally safe and fun for the whole family.

“I would encourage parents to take our special cell phone case which gives them the opportunity to take amazing family pictures at the top of our towers with the view of downtown Montréal in the background. With this case, you can also film your experience and your kids!”


– 1,200 feet zip line

– 80 ft freefall tower

– Incredible views

– 5-minute training and safety session

– See Montréal in a truly unique way

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Montreal Planetarium

Image credit: Espace pour la vie (Daniel Choinière)

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium is one of the premier attractions available in Montréal and a true highlight for families. Part of Space for Life, the planetarium contains two immersive theatres, each complementing the other. One is poetic in nature and the other firmly rooted in the scientific world, together displaying a fascinating and exciting vision of astronomy quite unique to Space for Life. The planetarium has been sharing its passion for the stars with visitors from across the globe for nearly 50 years and its innovative approach to astronomy continues to delight to this day.

Speaking to us about its virtues, the planetarium team said: “At the Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan, you can choose from a whole line-up of experiences designed with families in mind to plan a perfect outing. Since a general admission ticket now gives you access to all the shows playing during your visit, you can design your own custom experience. The Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan has put together a special line-up of activities sure to appeal to kids!”


– Truly immersive experience

– Tickets let you attend as many shows as you like

– Two unique theatres

– Shows designed with kids in mind

– A fascinating meeting of art and science


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Pointe-à-Callière Museum

Pointe-à-Callière Museum Archeo_Aventure

Image credit: Pointe-à-Callière

Pointe-à-Callière Museum is one of Montréal’s most marvellous museums. Dedicated to archaeology and history, the museum is also designated as a national historic site. Visitors can learn about centuries worth of history starting from the settlements of Canada’s indigenous people right up to the present day. Humans have occupied the site of the museum for a thousand years and as such, this wonderful attraction is home to some truly impressive architectural ruins. With incredible exhibits and history coursing through its very veins, there is no question that Pointe-à-Callière Museum is a must for visiting families.

Speaking to us about what families can look forward to, the museum said: “Families are important to the Museum; that’s why Pointe-à-Callière provides original, diversified and creative programs for the whole family, whether you are a history buff or just a bit curious! It’s the perfect occasion to go back in time and through real remains of the past.

“There are so many things to see and great activities. Parents should plan a few hours for their visit so they can enjoy everything. Also, they should take a look at our calendar of activities before planning a visit since we offer special family-friendly activities at different times of the year, including the holidays, spring break, and the summertime.”


– A special route for families

– Simulated archaeological dig

– Pirates or Privateers

– Memory Collector lights installation

– Perfect for children’s parties

– Home to fascinating ruins

iSaute trampoline park

iSaute trampoline park

Image credit: iSaute Montreal

You and your family will likely have been to numerous parks before, but have you ever been to a trampoline park? Located in the east of Montréal, this fun family attraction is comprised of 10,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines, where everything from classic jumping to trampoline basketball can be enjoyed. Family holidays can be a lot to handle with young kids in tow so if you think you might need to tire out the youngest of your troop during your time in Montréal, an afternoon of bouncing, jumping and fun exercise at iSaute trampoline park will be just what the doctor ordered.

Olivier Lapierre, manager of iSaute, spoke to us about what he believes sets their attraction apart from other Montréal highlights: “I think that there’s not a lot of activities that families can have fun all together for less than $20 CAD per person. Our goal is to offer a unique family moment in a secure way. Be ready to have wall to wall fun. There’s no limit of age to have fun so parents, don’t be shy.”


– Traditional trampolining

– Trampoline basketball

– Trampoline dodgeball

– Crossfit

– Trampoline skis


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Montréal Biodome

Biodôme Montréal

Montréal Biodome is known as a must-visit destination in Montréal and this is especially true for families. Part of Space for Life, Montréal Biodome gives visitors an exciting indoor look at the natural world, featuring numerous biospheres for families to explore. These self-contained ecosystems, such as the tropical rainforest and sub-polar regions, lets visitors to the Montréal Biodome see a huge variety of animals and plants. The Biodome is currently undergoing renovation and will reopen in the summer of 2019 with an enhanced visitor experience.


– Tropical rainforest

– Maple Forest

– Sub-Polar regions

– Gulf of St Lawrence

– Get up close to animals

La Ronde amusement park

La Ronde Montreal

Many of the world’s leading global destinations have a top-notch theme park at their disposal and we are happy to say that Montréal is no different. La Ronde amusement park will prove to be a wonderful way to spend any family day out in Montréal, delighting visitors with high-speed rollercoasters, interactive water rides and toboggan runs. There are even family-friendly entertainment shows – perfect for keeping the little ones amused while the older siblings run off for thrills on the larger rides. For a host of top tips for family visits, La Ronde has even put together a web page to help you get the best out of the experience.


– High-speed rollercoasters

– Kid-friendly rides

– Family entertainment shows

–  Variety of dining options

– Park shops

Montreal at sunset

As you can see, there are some truly wonderful family-friendly attractions waiting for you in Montréal! The variety on offer is incredibly impressive. With everything from educational attractions to exciting theme parks, every member of your family will have something to look forward to.

This is just the beginning of Canada’s myriad wonders, however. You can discover more about visiting Canada by reading the fascinating and instructive guides and articles available on our blog.

Before you go, make sure to explore some of the fantastic Montréal holidays we have available so that you can start planning that once in a lifetime family Canadian adventure.


Image Credit: Gilbert Bochenek, Simon Bonaventure

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