What is your perfect Canada road trip driving song?


Canada driving songs

So, you’re planning a road trip to Canada. You’ve decided which of the country’s stunning provinces you want to explore, and you’ve organised your Canada car hire choices. However, before you head off one this once-in-a-lifetime journey, there’s one essential factor to plan: your driving music. Road trips mean a lot of time behind the wheel, and whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner or in a group, you’ll want to have some songs to sing along to en route.

If you’re searching for the best driving songs for your road trip around Canada, why not try out our quiz below to find the perfect track for your journey!




Travel bloggers’ favourite driving songs

Of course, just one song isn’t going to cut it for a whole road trip. Luckily, we’ve reached out to two of the world’s biggest travel bloggers to find out which songs they love to listen to on a long driving journey.

Kathryn from Travel with Kat tells us that, for her, the music she puts on her car radio depends on her mood and the time of the day. She says:

“In the mornings I often listen to classical music, perhaps Ludovico Einaudi – a gentle introduction to the day. Later in the day, I like something a little more lively, something I can sing along to. One of my favourite albums is a collection of greatest hits by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. If I’m stuck in a traffic jam you’ll most likely see me drumming on my steering wheel and singing my heart out (hopefully you won’t be able to hear me though!). I’ve also picked up a fair bit of music from my travels. A collection of West African Blues from Rough Guides is a great favourite of mine. But at the end of the day, when the engine is off and the world is still, the songs of the Baka people from Cameroon help me unwind.”

Josh from Travel with Bender recommends various songs, including “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons, “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum, “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, “Africa” by Toto and “Beautiful Day” by U2. Besides these staples, he chooses driving music based on each traveller’s favourite songs. For example, “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten is Josh’s daughter Mia’s favourite song, “Back in Black” by AC/DC is his own tune of choice, and “We Will Rock You” is much-loved by both his kids – although, he says, they call it ‘the Pixels song’ after the movie.

Check out our Ultimate Road Trip Driving Songs playlist!

If you’re still looking for inspiration, look no further! We’ve brought together some of the best blogger picks, classic driving songs and a few of our favourites to make the ultimate road trip playlist. Take a listen below, and have a great trip!

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