Photographers’ favourite places in Canada


Sunwapta Falls in Jasper

From fascinating cities to picturesque lakes and mountains; Canada is home to a number of stunning natural attractions.

Unsurprisingly with so many attractive places Canada is a photographer’s dream and if you’ve booked your flights to Canada you will experience some of these incredible destinations.

If you’re a budding photographer, then read on to find out professional photographers’ favourite places in Canada.

Algonquin Park, Banff National Park and other national parks

Algonquin Park

Jason Leo Bantle, who runs the All In The Wild photography site, says his favourite places in Canada are; Algonquin Park, Banff National Park, Canmore, Tofino, Prince Albert National Park and Mont Tremblant.

Speaking about why these places are his favourite destinations, Jason said: “(I love) wild spaces and nature. Protected areas for Mother Nature. Opportunity to see and photograph wildlife and exquisite landscapes. I love fresh air, away from the human and urban sprawl for the most part. There’s lots to experience in these areas and the experiences are rich.”

Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories

Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories

Robert Berdan, a photographer who runs the Canadian Nature Photographer site, has written a book titled “The Art of Canadian Nature Photography”. The publication highlights some of Canada’s most beautiful and accessible scenic vistas and where to see the Northern Lights.

One such spot that Robert visited was Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge where he photographed barren-ground caribou. He said: “The caribou migrate south in late summer and often come in close proximity to Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge. The tundra turns fiery red with red dwarf birch and golden yellow willows.”

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park


Photographers’ favourite places in Canada

Marta Kulesza, who runs the photography and travel site In A Faraway Land, says the majority of her favourite photography spots are in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains, a place that has innumerable compositions and unprecedented shooting conditions.

“If I had to pick one all-time favourite place it would be Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park,” said Marta. “It’s either a 30km hike to get there or a short chartered helicopter flight. Once you are there, there’s many beautiful locations in close proximity to the core area of the park. I have been there numerous times now and have always managed to come away with some unique shots.

“The photography locations in the Canadian Backcountry are my favourite because of their remoteness. Unlike many touristy road side stops, they offer more solitude. They also give me a much stronger sense of accomplishment. Trekking through the night for hours to capture sunrise on a mountain summit whilst forging lifelong memories, is something that resonates very powerfully inside me.”

Whilst the backcountry may not be accessible to all of you, Marta still recommends making the effort to visit these areas of wilderness:  “There’s a plethora of destinations for photography in British Colombia and Alberta, most of which I’ve included on my road trip guide around the mountains of Western Canada, that are of outstanding beauty and are more conveniently located.

“My biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to snap the perfect frame is to make the most out of the soft light that grazes mountain faces and tickles low lying valley cloud. Even if the sunrise is at 4am, make the effort and you will be blissfully rewarded.”

Western Canada

Western Canada

Western Canada is home to Banff and Jasper National Parks as well as other beautiful natural landscapes. This is why Neil Dankoff from Kandy Gallery loves this area of Canada. He said: “As far as landscape photography is concerned, I would say hands down that Western Canada is not only my favourite Canadian location to shoot, but is also one of my top photo locations on the planet as well. Specifically Banff and Jasper in Alberta and some of the provincial parks in B.C.

“These areas are a landscape photographer’s paradise. Glacier fed turquoise lakes and rivers with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop…what more could you ask for? Then there’s the wildlife – a variety of bears, elk, moose etc. The different seasons change the look of the landscapes and provides a photographer with dramatically different photo opportunities. The vast number of trails and hikes make for a new adventure with each trip back.

“I myself have made three separate photo trips in the last four years to the region and most recently took my thirteen year-old son Jack along for the memorable expedition. Some of my favourite photo spots are: Spirit Island, Lake Moraine, Lake Louise, Bow Lake and Lake Minnewanka. This past trip was in late September to photograph the seasonal fall Larches (larch needles turn bright gold this this time of year in the Rocky Mountains).”

Bird’s Hill Park

Laura Letinsky, a photographer and professor in the Department of Visual Art at the University of Chicago, says one of her favourite places in Canada is her old home of Bird’s Hill Park.

“First and foremost is the somewhat austere verging on the sublime landscape of my home where my mother still lives, a plot of 35 acres near Bird’s Hill Park, Manitoba,” said Laura. “The breadth of the flat landscape is breath-taking in its flatness that reminds me of the ocean. In the summer, the golden fields of grain against the blue sky, while in the winter, the blinding white of the snow against the crystal blue makes me weak in the knees.”

Emerald Lake

Manuel from Location Scout, a platform with over 7,000 photographers that share their favourite places for photographers around the world, says one of his favourite destinations in Canada is Emerald Lake. He said: “Emerald Lake is one of my favourite lakes in the south-western national parks. Banff National Park is extremely touristic these days at famous places like Lake Louise, but this one at Yoho National Park is even better for photography, especially during rainy or cold days, when there are just a few visitors around. It’s also a great place to visit during the night, when you are able to see the Milky Way above the lake.”



Montreal is a picturesque city; combining both the old and new worlds of Quebec with its cobbled streets and lively new culture making it a perfect mix.

Laura Letinsky says it is one of her favourite cities, “Montreal is my favourite city, hands down. Its international meld of textures and flavours, the sense of conviviality and warmth speak to the mosaic of people that exemplifies the best of Canada.”

Peyto Lake view from Bow Summit

Peyto lake

Peyto Lake is one of Canada’s great lakes and is located in the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park. The vibrant glacier-fed lake is a popular stop for visitors travelling along the famous Icefields Parkway.

Location Scout’s Manuel adds: “This spot offers one of the most amazing views over Banff National Park with a very wide sight into the valley. I really enjoyed this place during sunset, because the clouds got illuminated from behind the mountains, while the last sun rays were shining on the mountaintops. Another special detail is the shape of the lake itself, which looks like a wolf.”

The Canadian Shield, Vancouver and Newfoundland

The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield, also called the Laurentian Plateau or Bouclier canadien, is an exposed portion of the continental crust that is underlying the majority of North America.

The Canadian Shield area, Vancouver and Newfoundland are also some of Laura Letinsky’s favourite destinations: “The Canadian Shield, with its intricate network of lakes, conifers, and boulders, the west coast including Vancouver, and the landscape of Newfoundland are other places where I’ve great affinity and affection.”

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