Eastern Canada is a world-class holiday destination with beautiful scenery, exciting cities, and top attractions. There’s so much to see and do that it’s the perfect location to explore on a Canada train holiday. There are several wonderful train trips in Eastern Canada to consider, taking you to must-see destinations and revealing its best-kept secrets. In this guide, we highlight just some of the many reasons you should explore Eastern Canada by train, hopefully inspiring you to see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Explore amazing cities and attractions

Rideau Canal at Sunset
Ottawa at sunset

One of the most exciting perks of an Eastern Canada train tour is the ability to experience many of its fascinating cities and top attractions all in one trip.

Your train journey could see you enjoying a city-hopping bonanza across Eastern Canada, stopping off to explore the likes of Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City.

All of these cities offer something a little bit different, from iconic attractions in Toronto – such as the CN Tower – to the French flavour and historical charm of Québec City.

Gary, from the travel blog, Everything Everywhere, visited Québec City during his own Eastern Canada train tour and said that it’s his favourite city in all of Canada: “Given it’s my favourite city, I recommend you make this your last stop on your Eastern Canada train trip and spend at least three days exploring the many things to do in Québec, including fascinating day trips to nearby islands, and just soaking in the distinctly different atmosphere than anywhere else you’ve visited.”

Another top city to visit is Halifax, and Shaun, from the travel blog, This Life in Trips, offers a few recommendations for when you are in town: “Overlooking Halifax is a massive fortification to which the city owes its existence. With Halifax being such an important port town, it was necessary to watch over and protect the harbour. To ensure safety in all directions Fort George was constructed and kept the city safe during its most formative years. Today Citadel Hill is run by Parks Canada as a National Historic site of Canada. Walking tours are recommended and be sure to check out the cannon firing demonstration as well as the mock-up of a World War I trench between the fort walls.”

It's not just cities on offer, however, as you can also enjoy beaches on the Atlantic coast, small fishing towns, and fun outdoor activities.

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Enjoy stunning scenery

Train in Eastern Canada
Train on the coast of Eastern Canada, Photo credit VIA Rail Canada

One of the best things about Canada holidays is witnessing the jaw-dropping scenery the country is known for, and a Canada train trip in its eastern provinces is a great way to do so.

Eastern Canada is known for its stunning landscapes, including picturesque coastal vistas, rugged mountains, and dense forests. Travelling by train allows you to take in these breathtaking views from the comfort of your seat, with large windows providing panoramic scenery views.

The Atlantic Canada train route between Montreal and Halifax will see you travelling through Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with stunning views of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.

Another notable route by VIA Rail in Eastern Canada is between Ontario and Québec. On this route, the train travels between Windsor and Québec City and offers breath-taking panoramas of the shores of the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River. Further still, this route includes a stop at the iconic Niagara Falls.

Via Rail are also operating the so-called ‘Scenic Adventure Routes’ across Canada. As the name suggests, these routes take visitors to remote, wild and breath-taking parts of the country. In Eastern Canada, the routes offered are Sudbury to White River, Montréal to Senneterre, and Montréal to Jonquiere.

Travel sustainably

VIA Rail train in Ontario
VIA Rail train in Ontario, Photocredit VIA Rail Canada

Another great reason to choose a Canada train journey is that train travel is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to explore a destination.

Trains produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions per mile than other modes of transport, making them a more sustainable option for the eco-conscious traveller.

By exploring Eastern Canada by train, you can minimise your carbon footprint while enjoying the region’s natural beauty and visiting its most famous locations.

Experience the culture

Old Quebec city street
Old Québec City

Taking in the local culture is a key part of any holiday. Fortunately, eastern Canada is rich in history and culture, with vibrant cities, charming towns, and indigenous heritage sites that offer unique cultural experiences.

Taking a train journey immerses you in the local culture as you pass through Eastern Canada’s different regions and communities.

From the fishing communities on the Atlantic coast to the beautiful French-speaking cities of Montréal and Québec City, your train holiday will allow you to interact with locals, learn about their way of life, and experience the diverse traditions, arts, and cuisines across Eastern Canada.

Convenient and relaxing travel

Private en-suite cabin on VIA Rail train
Private en-suite cabin on VIA Rail train, Photo credit VIA Rail Canada

One of the best things about travelling by train is that it is one of the most relaxing ways to experience Canada. Once on board, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery as it passes by. And you don't have to worry about driving or finding a place to stay.

For example, suppose you opt for a VIA Rail train journey. In that case, you can not only look forward to comfortable seats and café areas, but some routes offer reclining sleeper chairs, and you can even opt for a private en-suite cabin and enjoy the views from a glass-domed carriage.

Exploring eastern Canada by train also allows flexibility and freedom in your itinerary. You can choose from different routes, travel at your own pace, and make stops along the way to explore destinations of interest. This flexibility allows you to create a personalised journey, tailoring your holiday to your interests and preferences.

Elena, from the blog, CreativElena, has travelled via train along the Eastern Canada corridor from Toronto to Montréal. She has highlighted the convenience of choosing this train route: “It is a superb option for international travellers like myself, what with several departures a day so as to easily, and conveniently, make your way from Toronto to Ottawa, Montréal, and beyond. In my case, we have even included a beautiful stint at Prince Edward County, getting off the VIA Rail train in Belleville just a good hour’s train ride east of Toronto.”

Why book a train trip in Eastern Canada?

  • Explore amazing cities and attractions
  • Enjoy stunning scenery
  • Travel sustainably
  • Experience the culture
  • Convenient and relaxing travel

If you like the sound of an Eastern Canada train holiday and would like to craft your own unique experience, get in touch with our Canada travel experts at Canadian Affair so that we can tailor-make a holiday to your exact requirements.

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