Snowmageddon: How Brits cope with snow vs Canadians


Britain vs Canada snow

The UK is suffering snow-induced chaos. You only have to log onto social media or switch on the TV to see that the country is gripped by anxiety over the disruptions caused by the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm ‘Emmageddon’.

Roads, rail, airports and schools have all been affected during the recent cold snap. The question being asked by freezing rail commuters and stranded motorists up and down the country is: why can’t the UK cope with snow?!

If you’ve been on a winter holiday in Canada, you’ll have seen how bad the UK is at coping with the snow compared to Canadians. Here we make a few comparisons. If you’d like to see our winter holidays for yourself, click below:

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While the UK’s railway system comes to a crippling halt, Canada’s trains just plough on through.



Winter driving


#snowday #stuckinsnow

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The commute

Most of us in the UK struggle to get to work, one Deliveroo employee got inspired by the recent Winter Olympics and decided to try the skeleton to get around. In Canada they prefer sit back and let the huskies do the work.



Clearing driveways

Trying to get cars out of driveways is always fun and games, but with Canadians there is not so much fuss.



Snowfall: Canada vs UK

According to the Met Office, on average across the whole of the UK there’s only 15.6 days a year when snow sticks to the ground and 23.7 days of snowfall a year. In Canada, however, a report by Current Results shows the likes of Kitchener in Ontario receives 62 days a year of snow, while Calgary (52) and Edmonton (52) have double the number of snow days compared to the UK.


Snowfall in the UK


How Canadians have reacted to Britain’s snowmageddon

Some Canadians have been laughing at the “dusting” the UK has experienced and here’s what some of them have been saying.

How Brits are dealing with the ‘Beast from the East’

Despite the snow causing havoc across most of the UK, these tweets show that the “Beast from the East” hasn’t all been doom and gloom.


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