Top tips for a long weekend in British Columbia


Long weekend in British Columbia

Breathtaking, jaw-dropping and outstanding are just some of the words used to describe British Columbia.

Its spectacular coastlines, huge mountains and wildlife-packed forests make Canada’s westernmost province a hugely popular destination for people heading on trips and holidays to Canada.

Here we share some tips about events that you can enjoy, places you can visit and activities you can try in British Columbia.

British Columbia Day

British Columbia Day

The first Monday in August is known as British Columbia Day and it is a public holiday in the province.

The event gives Canadians and holidaymakers the chance to relax with family and friends. According to the Time and Date website, many people make short trips to areas boasting beautiful scenery, whilst others go camping and enjoy walks, hikes and canoe trips.

Speaking to Peace Arch News, Surrey-Panorama MLA Marvin Hunt said British Columbia Day reminds everyone what a privilege it is to live there.

He added, “B.C. Day to me, being in the middle of summer, is a time to celebrate the beauty of this province.”

He recommended visitors go boating and swimming at Crescent Beach, which will also play host to an Instameet initiative to celebrate the beauty of the province. An Instameet is where users of the social media site Instagram meet up to take photos and videos together.

In Vancouver there are a number of events that take place to celebrate B.C. Day, from firework displays across the city to cultural festivals.

Mountain biking


Mountain biking

British Columbia boasts 10 mountain ranges and a great way to see the beauty of the mountains is to have a go at mountain biking; the province is home to some of the most diverse trails in the world.

High alpine trails, downhill single-tracks in a forest and double-track paths along farms and orchards are just some of the trails available.

The Seven Summits Trail in Rossland is a great option for adventurous mountain bikers as the point-to-point trail offers over 22 miles of challenging yet rideable track.

Mountain Biking BC recommends North Shore. Just 30 minutes from Vancouver, it is home to a number of rocky downhill trails, as well as all-mountain and cross-country trails.

Go hiking at Emerald Lake

Emerald Lakes

Located in Yoho National Park, Emerald Lake is one of the most spectacular destinations in the park.

There are several microclimates located around the lake and this means a number of plant species live here, including wild orchids.

Visitors to Emerald Lake must go hiking to fully experience the beauty this area possesses. The hike around the lake takes around an hour and is one of the least strenuous, but most rewarding in the park.

Walkers can see the world-famous Burgess Shale fossil beds and an avalanche slope carpeted by meadows where moose can be seen grazing.

Rowing and canoeing are just some of the other activities people can try during a visit to Emerald Lake.


Golf in Canada

Another great activity to try during a long weekend in British Columbia is golf. The province is home to the Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club and the Nicklaus North Golf Course to name just a few.

There are a variety of other links with ocean views and dramatic mountain courses that golfers can play year-round.

Visiting Vancouver


You could easily spend a long weekend in British Columbia and just stay in Vancouver to see all the great attractions this city has to offer.

The Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park, Science World, Granville Island, the wildlife cruises from the city and Grouse Mountain are just some of the amazing attractions and activities visitors to the city can see and do.

One common activity to celebrate British Columbia Day is to watch sports. If you are in Vancouver then you can watch the likes of the Vancouver Canucks, the city’s famous ice hockey team, or the range of other sports teams based in the city.

Image Credit: RobinONeill, JustaJeskova BikePark.

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