When is the best time to visit Canada?

The sheer size of Canada means weather varies from province to province, but there’s always something to do. Coastal regions can be more temperate, while mountain ranges attract higher rainfall and snow. Certain times of year are best for wildlife watching, while other months are when popular festivals take place.

Looking at booking one of our Canada holiday packages, but not sure when to visit? This guide may help with your decision.

Where in Canada is best to visit during spring?

(April, May & June)

Spring is a great time of year to visit Canada since it isn’t peak holiday season. This means there are lots of cheap flights to Canada from the UK available so we’d recommend going on a city break to the likes of Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal or Calgary.

Nature is in full bloom during springtime, and in April, the pink cherry blossoms can be seen across several parts of the country.

Spring can start off a bit chilly with skiers and snowboarders able to enjoy the ski season in the Rockies. Elsewhere in the country, winter begins to disappear and the west coast, Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories in the north start to become accessible.

During spring, the national parks also become more accessible as walking trails start to open. In terms of wildlife spotting opportunities, the Atlantic coast is great for whale watching with humpbacks, minkes and belugas regularly sighted.


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Where in Canada is best to visit during summer?

(July, August & September)

Summer is peak holiday season in Canada and for some of the most popular attractions and locations, it is recommended that you book six to nine months in advance.

Cities and national parks are at their busiest during this season, with long summer days offering you the chance to enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory. Enjoy walking trails, as well as boating, kayaking and fishing opportunities on offer across the country.

If you are holidaying on the west coast of Canada, you’ll have the chance to see orca whales as they follow migrating salmon on their long journey.

The summer is also the perfect time to visit if you are looking to visit events and festivals. Below are some of the major festivals and events you can enjoy during the summer:

- Calgary Stampede (July)

- Festival de Jazz de Montréal (June and July)

- The salmon run (late August to November)


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Where in Canada is best to visit during autumn?

(October, November & December)

In autumn, you’ll witness Canada’s many forests don hues of red and gold with nature in full splendour.

The weather is still warm at the beginning of autumn, although the evenings and nights might get a bit chilly. With fewer crowds, it is a perfect time to visit some of Canada’s most popular attractions like the Niagara Falls.

The peak season for the salmon run is in autumn, making it a great time for a bear watching holiday in Canada. Fish try to return from the ocean into the rivers of the west coast, so you’ll likely see large numbers of bears fishing in these rivers.

Towards the end of autumn, you may have noticed snow starting to fall and temperatures beginning to drop as winter is coming.


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Where in Canada is best to visit during winter?

(January, February & March)

Since January is typically the coldest month of the year, less people tend to visit. If you can face the cold, however, there is plenty to do during this time of year. Popular events include the Québec Winter Festival, ice skating on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, as well as skiing and snowboarding in many resorts across Canada.

Perhaps best of all is the incredible Northern Lights that illuminate the dark winter skies. Find out more about our Northern Lights in the Yukon Holiday online


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No matter what time of year you want to visit, here at Canadian Affair, we have flights to Canada that are perfect for you.

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