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It is not too late to book your 2023 Canada holiday and you can save up to £500 per booking on rail, cruise, rail and cruise, fly drive, motorhome, wildlife, ski, city break and escorted tour holidays. Book by 30 June 2023. T&Cs apply.

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See Canada's bears for yourself

Watch these inspiring videos to see how close you could come to Canada's iconic wildlife

Learn more about bear watching in Canada

Discover Canada’s bear species and the best places to spot them

coastal black bear

Coastal black bears

The Vancouver Island black bear is its own subspecies thanks to the unique way it lives on the island. These bears have an unusual diet as they forage for food along the coastline, eating crabs and molluscs. They are smaller than their mainland cousins but are easy to spot on a zodiac tour from hotspots like Tofino.

mountain black bear

Mountain black bears

In the rest of Canada, you’ll find black bears in mountainous regions like Whistler and Jasper. They are often seen on roadsides.

kermode bear

Kermode bears

The Kermode – or spirit – bear is only found on the central coast of BC. Spirit Bear Lodge near Bella Bella is the place to go.

polar bears

Polar bears

The best place to see polar bears is the shores of Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba. A tundra buggy from Lazy Bear Lodge gets you up close. Learn more >

kodiac bear

Kodiak bears

Alaska is home to the largest grizzlies, like the massive Kodiak subspecies. Head over to Alaska’s wilds on a cruise and land tour. If you go on an Alaska cruise you can even go whale watching.

grizzly bear

Grizzly bears

Your best chance of seeing grizzlies in Canada is in the Great Bear Rainforest, on British Columbia’s central coast. There are plenty of incredible resorts here which offer guided tours and accommodation in rustic lodges and safari tents. Look out for Knight Inlet Lodge, Great Bear Lodge and Nimmo Bay Wilderness Lodge.

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