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Canada Rail Tours

Incredible routes only accessible by rail

Travel by train and you can watch the views, not the roads. Rocky Mountaineer is so luxurious with amazing hosts, and you can’t see those parts of the Rockies any other way! VIA Rail is great for city hopping or doing an epic journey from east to west

Daniel Lopes, Canadian Affair Travel Expert

Rocky Mountaineer

A luxury rail tour experience

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VIA Rail

Cities made easy

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Rail hot spots

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Choosing the perfect route

From rails through the Rockies to city train services, Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail have plenty of routes to choose from.

First Passage to the West
Rainforest to Gold Rush
Journey through the Clouds
The Canadian
Corridor & Ocean

See those unbeatable views

See the view from the tracks yourself with these spell-binding videos

Choosing the right rail holiday

The differences between VIA and Rocky Mountaineer train journeys

Seeing the Rockies

If you’ve heard of an iconic, luxury rail journey through the Rockies, you’ll likely be thinking of Rocky Mountaineer. These opulent trains offer daylight journeys through the Rockies and provide a gold-star service onboard. VIA Rail does serve the Rockies on its Canadian route, which is a sleeper service.

Daylight views

If you don’t want to miss any views, choose Rocky Mountaineer as their service only travels during daylight hours.

Sleeper cabins

VIA Rail offers sleeper services whereas Rocky Mountaineer doesn’t, so if you’ve dreamt of a cosy cabin bed, go VIA.

Trans Canada

If you’d love to travel right across Canada in a train, taking in everything from the Rockies to the Prairies, VIA Rail’s ‘The Canadian’ is for you.

City hopping

The best way to Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Québec City and Halifax in one trip (without driving) is to hop on VIA Rail.

Interpretive guides

Part of Rocky Mountaineer’s unique experience is its friendly and knowledgeable hosts. If you’d like to hear about history and wildlife, you’ll love their commentary. Plus, they bring you drinks like local wines and snacks fresh from the kitchen throughout your journey.

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