Whale Watching Holidays Canada

30 whale species to see in Canada

More than 30 species of whale live off Canada's shores. During whale watching season, there's nothing like seeing the fluke of a humpback whale disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean or sailing alongside a pod of orcas in the Pacific. My favourite are the belugas in Northern Canada - they're so cute!

Lisa Zielinski-Singh, Canadian Affair Travel Expert

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where to see whales in canada

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When to go

Canada's whale seasons

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Whale Watching Routes

Here are some of our favourite whale watching routes you can follow on a Canada driving holiday or escorted tour

Whales, Bears & Vancouver Island
Rocky Round Up
Whales, Bears & Blooms
Luxury Wildlife Holiday
Maritime Magic Treasures Holiday

See Canada's whales

Watch these inspirational videos for an idea of the incredible wildlife encounters you can have with whales in Canada

The best places for whale watching in Canada

Below are our picks of the best places in Canada to see whales


Whale watching in Victoria

Victoria, the capital of Vancouver Island, is one of the best places to spot whales. Head out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca in a small group, in an open Zodiac boat and you’ll enjoy incredible views with fantastic chances of spotting whales. In the summer, the Strait can be calm as a millpond. During your day whale watching, it’s possible to spot the pod of resident orcas as well as dozens of humpbacks.

bald eagle

Tofino whale watching

Tofino offers the chance to see orcas, sea lions and eagles as well as coastal black bears, making it a perfect wildlife holiday destination.

churchill tours

Churchill's belugas

Churchill in Manitoba is the best place to spot ethereal beluga whales in their thousands. Go in the summertime to catch the migration.

quebec whale watching

Tadoussac's whales

If you are looking for whale watching holidays, Tadoussac in Quèbec is a favourite for humpbacks, fin whales, minke whales and even belugas in the rich waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary.

bay of fundy whales

Bay of Fundy whales

The Bay of Fundy offers incredibly rich feeding waters and is home to dozens of species of whales. Tours leave from New Brunswick’s coast, but book in advance as it is a popular spot for whale watching in Canada.

whales and icebergs

Newfoundland whale watching

Newfoundland and Labrador offer a unique whale watching experience alongside icebergs. Between the mainland and the island of Newfoundland, giant icebergs which have broken off the ice sheets in Greenland make their way down Iceberg Alley. Here you can also see whales like humpbacks feeding in the cold waters. The province is also known as being a great destination for seeing the northern lights.

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