Coronavirus (COVID-19)

15th May 15:00

As with most travel companies around the UK, Canadian Affair is working on a much reduced workforce and we are currently dedicating all our resource to our customers that are departing in May and June.

We are currently working through our affected bookings, strictly in departure date order, to help and advise these customers on their options and next steps.

To help us work efficiently we would like to ask for your support; information we have today could change quickly and the impact for departures after 30th June is still uncertain.

If you are traveling after 30th June please do not call us as we will be unable to deal with your booking until we have a clear understanding on how your holiday has been affected.

Information for holidays departing after 01st July is less clear and is being updated regularly.

What we do know:

  • • The Canadian borders are closed to all non-essential international arrivals until 30th June.
  • • Our airline partners have cancelled or severely reduced, all flights to Canada until 30th June.
  • • Alaskan Cruises (excluding Celebrity Cruises) – there will be no Vancouver departures in 2020.
  • • Rocky Mountaineer – all departures up to 31st July 2020 have been cancelled.

What we do not know:

  • • Our airline partners plans for departures from 01st July.
  • • The outcome of the government’s recent comments surrounding a potential self-isolation period being required when returning from overseas travel.
  • • The Canadian Governments plans on international arrivals from 01st July.
  • • The status of many of our non-Rail and Cruise holiday components from 01st July.

Please rest assured we will contact you once we have information about your booking, we will then go through their options together.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Stay safe and well,

Canadian Affair

7th May 16:00

Temporary suspension of Air Transat flights

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Air Transat are temporarily suspending its flights until 30th June 2020. If you are unable to travel due to the cancellation of their flights, a flight credit for travel within 24 months of your original return date will be provided.

These are extraordinary circumstances, when all airlines and travel companies have been forced to temporarily halt or drastically reduce their operations while governments have decided to close their borders.

With thanks & stay safe,

Team Canadian Affair

14th April 12:00

Following on from our update on 1st April (see below) of the Canadian border closure until 31st May, our partners in Canada have now confirmed cancellations of all tours in Canada up until and including 31st May, we are now working on contacting all of our May departure bookings.

We are prioritising these bookings in departure date order and shortly you will receive a call from us confirming your future travel credit. Please be patient with our team while we work through these bookings as we are working as quickly as possible and our team will help you rebook your holiday. Please do not call as it will slow down the process of rebooking your new holiday.

Thank you for your understanding & stay safe,

Team Canadian Affair

01st April 10:00

Further to the announcements from the Government of Canada mentioned below (please scroll down to 18th March, 12:00) the border closure for foreign nationals is now in place until the 31st of May.

Canadian Affair has completed it’s repatriation programme for our customers in the UK and our focus has now turned to our customers for whom we have future departures booked and are affected by the restrictive travel conditions now in place.

Both our customers and staff are the most valuable parts of our business. We need to ensure that we service our customers and safeguard Canadian Affair staff as we play our part in beating COVID 19. An integral part of achieving this is to organise our staffing to concentrate our efforts in dealing with your booking in departure date priority, please be assured we will be contacting our customers and discussing their booking options as soon as we can. Please be patient with us, we will be in touch in a timely manner.

With thanks & be safe,

Team Canadian Affair

30th March 9:00

Both our customers and staff are the most valuable parts of our business. We need to ensure that we service our customers and safeguard our staff as Canadian Affair plays its part in beating COVID 19.

To achieve this our opening hours will temporarily change, please be assured we will be contacting our customers, in date order and discussing their booking options.

Until further notice, our business hours are;

Monday to Friday: 9am – 5.30pm

Keep safe,

Team Canadian Affair

18th March 12:00

Following the Government of Canada’s announcement that the country is closing its borders to foreign nationals, as well as similar decisions by several other countries where Air Transat operate, Air Transat will gradually suspend its flights until April 30.

Certain flights will continue for a few more days in order to repatriate our customers to the UK.

Customers who are currently at destination are invited to visit where cancellations will be listed along with the information regarding rerouting flights.

If you were unable to travel due to the cancellation of your flight, you will receive a credit for future travel to be used within 24 months of your original travel dates. You do not need to contact us to obtain this credit, it will be automatically applied to your account.

Air Transat are implementing these measures to contribute to efforts to fight the pandemic and we are doing everything we can so that this has as little impact as possible on our clients.

With thanks,

Team Canadian Affair

16th March at 20:00

The Canadian Authorities have recently announced they will be closing their borders starting from this Wednesday 18th March.

We have dedicated a special team to manage this situation with our customers who are affected by this and they will be working through customer bookings in date order.

Your patience and trust is appreciated and refraining from calling us will support us to get to you quickly.

Thank you,

Team Canadian Affair

16th March at 09:00

The outbreak and progression of Coronavirus (COVID-19) can raise questions and perhaps even concern.

Rest assured, Canadian Affair is taking all necessary precautions and is closely monitoring the situation as it constantly evolves so that you can manage your travel plans with peace of mind.

Some holidays with imminent departures will be affected by changes brought on by the current situation.

To best serve and get to each of our customers, unless you are travelling before 30 April 2020, we kindly request you do not call us.

Canadian Affair teams are working in date order to reach out to affected customers.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding,

Team Canadian Affair


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