Conditions Applicable to Rental Agreement with CanaDream Inc.

For the most up-to-date terms and conditions for Canadream, please download this PDF document.

These conditions (“Conditions”) outline the Guest’s responsibilities relating to the Vehicle—defined as the motorhome, truck, camper unit, van conversion or other recreational vehicle identified in the Booking Invoice—and limit and waive the Guest’s rights in some circumstances. It is important for the Guest’s own protection that he or she read and understand these Conditions.

The Guest agrees that by clicking the “I accept” icons herein, the Guest acknowledges s/he has read and understood and accepts all of the terms and conditions set forth herein or incorporated into the Agreement by reference and that the person clicking the icons is the person entering into the Agreement. The Guest further agrees that the electronic signature made by clicking the “I accept” icons is reliable for the purpose of creating a binding Agreement between the Guest and CanaDream Inc.

The Guest consents to CanaDream Inc. only providing the Guest with electronic copies of the accepted contractual documents that form part of this Rental Agreement. The Guest agrees to be bound by the applicable deposit, payment, and cancellation terms in respect of the Guest’s rental of the Vehicle, as set forth in the online booking portal or booking invoice. The said deposit, payment and cancellation terms are hereby expressly incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

These Conditions form a part of the Rental Agreement between CanaDream Inc. and the Guest (“Agreement” or “Rental Agreement”) relating to the Vehicle identified by unit number on the first page of this Rental Agreement. The “Guest” is the person or corporation who is identified as the Lead Guest in the booking, the Booking Invoice and/or within the online booking.

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