Travelling with Infants (Under 2years)

Air Transat - Newborns less then 7 days old are not accepted for travel on board Air Transat flights. An Infant must be accompanied by one adult and will travel on a parents lap. Should you wish to purchase a seat for your infant, please note that it is mandatory for the infant to sit in a car seat approved by Transport Canada - see Section 4 (12) If a child's second birthday occurs prior to the return leg of the trip, a ticket must be purchased for the child for the return flight and a seat will be assigned to him or her.
Nappy changing facilities are available on most aircraft.

Baggage allowance for infants – Air Transat – Infants are not provided with a baggage allowance; however when an infant/child is travelling, one stroller, and one car seat may be carried free of charge. Other items will count as part of the adult baggage allowance and excess charged accordingly.
Note: On arrival you will collect your push chair from the baggage reclaim belt along with the rest of your baggage.

Meals – Air Transat - Infants do not receive a meal onboard, it is normal for parents to bring their own food/milk for very young children and the crew will be able to assist with any heating up required. If baby milk is required throughout the journey this will have to be kept in a clear container/bottle. When going through security, the clear container/bottle needs to be separated from hand baggage. If this is not done, the entire hand baggage will have to be searched. Milk will have to be tasted, from every container/bottle passengers have. Baby food is allowed on-board. This also has to be in clear containers/bottles.
Most airlines will allow you to take your child's push chair all the way to the boarding gate. Please advise the check in staff that you have a pushchair so that they can give you a special baggage label. When you reach the boarding gate you will be shown where to place your push chair. See also: Can I prebook a skycot / bassinette?


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