I am a passenger who requires Special Assistance – what should I do?

If you are a passenger with reduced mobility or who requires additional assistance you must notify Canadian Affair at the time of making your booking. Before you make your booking, consider the kind of assistance you will need. When you make your booking, you must inform your booking agent what assistance you require when you travel. Assistance should be requested no later than 7 business days prior to your flights departure.

When booking online, it is sometimes not possible for you to explain your assistance needs and will need to contact Canadian Affair, please do this immediately after making your booking by calling 0207 616 9999 from the UK or 1-877-8 FLY2UK from Canada. It is imperative that you provide as much information regarding the assistance and help you need at the time of booking to ensure that Canadian Affair will be able to assist you as much as possible.

When in the Airport
Airports will have the facilities to provide assistance at each airport, to acquire this information please visit the website of each airport you are travelling to and from.

Checking in
Assistance will be provided from the point of check in, you must notify the check in agent at the point of check in that assistance has been pre-booked and is required.

Boarding the aircraft
Disabled and less mobile passengers who have difficulty moving around will normally be called for boarding first. If you are unable to climb stairs, the way you board will depend on the situation and equipment used.

On board
Moving around on an aircraft can be difficult because of limited space.
• Wheelchairs cannot always be fixed securely in the cabin so will usually be stored in the hold. If you have a powered wheelchair, check before flying that the battery is a dry cell type. It may be helpful to put a note on your wheelchair explaining how it works.
• Airlines are required to make all reasonable efforts to provide appropriate seating for your needs, such as pre-booking your seat and ensuring that one person travelling with you is seated next to you. If this is a service you require you must confirm this at the time of booking.
• Occasionally a disabled or less mobile passenger may need more than one seat to meet their needs. It will be necessary for you to purchase an additional airline seat if this is the case, it is vitally important that you inform Canadian Affair at the time of making your booking that both seats are for you so that the necessary arrangements can be made, if you make your reservation online you must call Canadian Affair on 0207 616 9999 from the UK or 1-877-8 FLY2UK from Canada, to confirm that you require both seats booked.

Leaving the plane
If you require assistance, you will usually be the last to leave the aircraft as it is easier to move around in an empty cabin. However, if you need to leave quickly, to catch another flight or to get to the toilet, for example, you must request this when you book your flight.

• Wherever possible, your mobility equipment should be made available to you shortly after leaving the aircraft. If equipment is lost or damaged, the airport is legally required to provide a temporary replacement, though this will not necessarily be on a like-for-like basis.
• Airport staff must help you to collect your baggage, complete immigration and customs procedures, reach connecting flights or go to the next part of your journey. This includes airport car parks.
• Please see below the links for your relevant airlines below, these will provide you additional information on the assistance your airline will provide.

Air Transat - https://www.airtransat.com/en-GB/Travel-information-from-England/Special-services


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