Can I prebook a skycot / bassinette?

Air Transat offers onboard bassinettes for babies. These bassinettes, which are attached to the bulkhead, are approved by Transport Canada. They are a safe and comfortable way for your baby to travel during the flight.
The infant's weight must not exceed 11 kg (24 lbs) and their height must not exceed the size of the bassinette 27 x 12 x 6 in (68 x 30 x 15 cm). Babies that are able to sit up on their own are not permitted to use the skycot/basinette.
It is important to know that the bassinette may be requested in advance, but is not confirmed until you board the aircraft and the in-flight crew can assess the suitability for your child. Skycots / Bassinettes are available for use on board and are never guaranteed, they are only available on specific seats and are chargeable; please contact reservations on 0207 616 9999 for more details.


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