With its spectacular views and world-class hospitality, Rocky Mountaineer promises an unforgettable experience. But what is it actually like to be onboard? Canada Advocate, Anne, recently returned from a Rocky Mountaineer getaway and is here to share more about her breathtaking journey. Over to you, Anne!

What were the highlights of your Rocky Mountaineer experience?

There were many highlights of this trip as the full experience from start to finish was incredible. These include the following:

Customer service – the entire customer experience was very slick from our ‘check in’ at Jasper Station a few days beforehand to the very professional and friendly Rocky Mountaineer team of hosts who welcomed us onboard. We were extremely well looked after throughout the journey with continuous offerings of drinks and snacks, excellent commentary and communication regarding our schedule and any potential delays due to priority rail traffic.

Outstanding views
– there were endless breathtaking views throughout the journey including Mount Robson, Yellowhead Pass, Fraser Valley and Hells Gate. It didn’t matter which side of the train you were seated on as the landscape was spectacular in both directions at various parts of the trip.

Jasper welcome
– on arrival at Jasper station we were entertained by an Inuit lady who told stories of her heritage and sang traditional songs. This was an unexpected surprise which we thoroughly enjoyed. When the train was pulling out of the station, a large group of smiling Rocky Mountaineer staff lined up to wave us away. These are examples of little extra touches that enhanced the whole experience.

All-daylight service - I loved the fact that Rocky Mountaineer is an all-daylight train, as it meant we could take in every stunning sight during the day but then enjoy the comfort of a beautiful hotel at night. It truly combined the best of scenic travel and relaxation!

What was the onboard experience like?

The design, comfort and cleanliness of the seating coach, dining room and washrooms were first class. We were made to feel relaxed and very special at all times by the attentive onboard team. Our hosts were informative and entertaining and I particularly enjoyed their informal and light hearted approach. They shared their knowledge of the geography, history and wildlife and also their personal experience of being part of the Rocky Mountaineer team.

Did you spot any wildlife?

Within an hour of our train leaving Jasper, there were two sightings of black bears and we were lucky enough to see one of them. Unfortunately, we were seated on the wrong side of the train to spot the second bear. The train driver radios back to the hosts to inform passengers of any wildlife sightings but you need to have your wits about you as you only have a few seconds to react. During the rest of the journey we were fortunate enough to see several bald eagles in the Fraser Valley and ospreys, which was incredible!

What was the food like?

The quality, choice and quantity of food was fabulous. We were not expecting to be given such a selection of options on both breakfast and lunch menus, and also to be offered a ‘daily special’ main course. The standard of dishes, presentation and service were of a level you would expect in a high end restaurant. 

I have a gluten intolerance and was impressed that every staff member was fully briefed on this beforehand. They were all knowledgeable on what options were suitable for me, and what dishes could be adapted to meet my needs. Delicious pastries and snacks were served out with meal times and these also included gluten free options for me.

Anne Brown] image

The whole Rocky Mountaineer experience...

...provided excellent value for money. For the majority of travellers this will be a once in a lifetime trip and for my husband and I, it fulfilled one of our ‘bucket list’ experiences. It has undoubtedly delivered on every level and far exceeded our expectations.

Anne Brown Canada Advocate

What advice would you give to someone else considering Rocky Mountaineer?

We went GoldLeaf Service and, whilst I’m sure SilverLeaf will also be a fabulous experience, I would say if you can, go for Gold. The glass domed roof provided unobstructed views which enabled us to appreciate all the amazing scenery around. We enjoyed going downstairs to the dining room for our meals rather than eating at our seats. The outside viewing platform was an absolute bonus where you are immersed in the sounds and smells of the countryside as well as getting the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow passengers.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

In my opinion, the whole Rocky Mountaineer experience provided excellent value for money. For the majority of travellers this will be a once in a lifetime trip and for my husband and I, it fulfilled one of our ‘bucket list’ experiences. It has undoubtedly delivered on every level and far exceeded our expectations.

Want to follow in Anne’s footsteps?

Be sure to check out our Rocky Mountaineer holidays to kick-start your own incredible journey.

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