How well do you know Toronto?



The iconic city of Toronto should be a must-visit during your next Canada holiday as it mixes fun with creative flair, world-class restaurants, museums, art galleries and theatres.

There is plenty for you to see and do; from the exploring the downtown skyscrapers that mark Canada’s financial hub to the range of amazing attractions you can visit.

Toronto is one of the world’s most famous cities, but how much do you know about the city? We have created a quiz to test your knowledge to find out how well you know this great city. We’re going to take you through the answers below, so no peeking!

Slang words

Abbey Sharp at Abbey’s Kitchen says that Torontonians do have some slang words that they commonly use.

She says, “We call it ‘tron- no’. We also classify people by their area code, so “905ers” are those who live on the suburbs of Toronto.”

Traditional foods to eat

Toronto is famed for its food and Abbey Sharp says that there lots of foods associated with the city.

She adds, “You definitely need to get a peameal sandwich from Carousel Bakery in St Lawrence Market. I also suggest a smoked meat sandwich from Caplanskys, a brisket sandwich from Black Camel and a veal sandwich at California sandwiches.”

Traits associated with Toronto

Every city has traits and according to Abbey Sharp at Abbey’s Kitchen, local residents love brunch. She says, “We love brunch. Torontonians will wait all morning in line for great brunch!”

As the city is famed for its brunch there are lots of restaurants that serve great brunch and according to Blog To you should look for Lady Marmalade, Emma’s Country Kitchen and Aunties and Uncles.

According to the Thought Catalog website, it says Torontonians generally own either a Blue Jays or Maple Leaf’s hat, even if you don’t know much about sports.

Places to enjoy great food in Toronto

Raymond Cua, who runs the Travelling Foodie blog, says, “A perfect area for a Travelling Foodie is Kensington Market. This National Historic Site, with its artistic flair and landmarks, offers the most cuisines in one neighbourhood including Mexican, Filipino, Spanish, Belgian, Jamaican, Ethiopian, Swedish, Chinese and more!”

An article on Narcity also reveals that Torontonians are most likely to have a bucket list that consists of places they would love to eat at. It should come as no surprise as the city is well-known for its huge array of food options.

The climate

Thought Catalog also says that local residents might ask what spring and fall is. The website says, “In Toronto, there are only two types of seasons we experience. Arctic winters or ridiculously humid summers.”

Toronto’s tallest structure

The CN Tower, standing at 1,814 ft. tall is the city’s tallest structure. The towers nearest competitors are the First Canadian Place (978 ft.) and the Trump International Hotel and Tower (908 ft.).

The CN Tower officially opened on 2nd October in 1976 and was the 18th structure to be crowned the tallest freestanding structure in the world after the antenna was put into place in April, 1975. It held this record for 34 years.

Axe throwing in Toronto

BATL Axe, or the Backyard Axe Throwing League as it is known, was born in Toronto and Narcity says that, “Unless you’re seriously out of the loop, you’ve tried or at least heard of these wild new activities.”

Axe throwing is still exclusive to southern Ontario and you could learn about the thrill of indoor axe throwing by visiting BATL Axe. After initially being set-up in Toronto this activity has grown across the world.

Image Credit: Rina Pitucci.

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