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Discover things you never knew about Canada with interactive quizzes, infographics and food maps. Explore its culture, history and cuisine from our huge store of Canada know-how for inspiration on your next holiday to Canada.

  • Toronto CN Tower

    Best Canadian Cities to Visit

    Find out about some of the best Canadian cities to visit including the likes of Toronto, Vancouver and Québec City, and what to do during a stay.

  • Canada Travel Guide

    Canada Travel Guide

    Canada is the perfect travel destination. However, before you go, make sure you know some basic information about the country with help from this guide.

  • Alaska cruise ship

    Alaska cruises vs Caribbean cruises

    Alaska and the Caribbean are hugely popular cruise destinations. But which one is actually better? We dive deep into the facts and figures to give you the answer.

  • Rocky Mountaineer guide

    An in-depth guide to the Rocky Mountaineer

    The Rocky Mountaineer is famous across the globe. Here we take you through the history of the Rocky Mountaineer, its routes and more.

  • why you should ski in canada

    Why You Should Ski in Canada

    Brits flock to Europe for our annual ski trip, but is it time for a change? Find out why Canada could be the new ski capital.

  • Canada Through The Seasons

    From summer relaxation spots to majestic winter ski resorts, Canada is great whatever season you visit in. Discover the best places for each time of year in this post.

  • Canada vs UK

    Canada and the UK have a close relationship, but the two countries are very different. Learn about which country is a better fit for you with our guide.

  • A Guide to Canada's Best Breweries

    Our interactive map illustrates Canada's best-loved breweries, which you can visit and tick off yourself with our printable checklist!

  • canada the best safari location

    Could Canada be the Best Safari Location?

    Here, we take you through some of the best locations in Canada where you can enjoy your very own safari.

  • Top 10 secret places in Canada

    Top 10 Secret Places in Canada

    To really get under Canada’s skin, you’ll need to get off the beaten path and discover the secret places that only the locals know about.

  • a guide to canada

    A Guide to Canada

    Get to know Canada and find out what all the top attractions are in each of Canada's provinces and territories. Did you know these amazing facts?

  • greatest drives in canada

    Greatest Drives in Canada

    Discover the greatest driving routes in Canada, from a road trip in the Rockies to driving the Pacific Coast.

  • four corners of atlantic canada infographic

    The Four Corners of Atlantic Canada

    Four unique provinces make up Atlantic Canada and each one boasts its own charm, attractions and coastal adventures.

  • Could you become a Canadian Mountie?

    Could you be a Mountie?

    Find out if you have what it takes to become a Canadian Mountie! Take our fun quiz and brush up on your history of the Canadian Mounted Police.

  • snap alaska cruise game

    Snap Alaska! Game

    Play our cruise inspired photography game! See how many animals you can snap along the Alaska coastline, from bears to whales.

  • canada's greatest national parks

    Canada's Greatest National Parks

    Find out what you can see and do in Canada's best national park wildernesses, from Banff to Jasper to Gros Morne.

  • canada's gateway airports

    Canada's top attractions from its airports

    Flying into one of Canada's major hubs? Find out how far away Canada's top attractions are from Toronto Airport, Vancouver Airport and more.

  • canada 150 timeline

    How Old is Canada Really?

    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation, we ask the question: how old is Canada really? Its anthropology and natural history dates back millennia.

  • canada cuisine

    The Great Canadian Cuisine Hunt

    Hunt through our interactive cuisine map to find the best food in Canada! From pancakes and maple syrup to salmon and Alberta steak, Canada has some of the tastiest food going.

  • why Canada trumps America

    Why Canada Trumps America

    After the inauguration of President Trump, we found a lot of people asking "Why can't America be more like Canada?" Here's why we think Canada trumps America!

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