Man catches rare fish whilst fishing in Canada


Man catches rare fish whilst fishing in Canada

Canada’s diverse landscapes are home to some pretty interesting wildlife, but as one man in Winnipeg discovered recently, its waters are also teeming with rare marine creatures too!

The country is recognised across the world for its fishing potential and is yet another appealing factor encouraging people to come on holiday to Canada. Donovan Pearase, the owner of the Manitoba-based fishing shop Blackwater Cats Outfitter, recently discovered first-hand that fishing in Canada can even help you catch some rather unusual water dwellers.

While out with a group of clients on a fishing trip on the Red River, Pearese’s client Harry was fortunate to not only reel in a catfish measuring a whopping 34 inches long, but the larger-than-life Master Angler Channel Cat was also an uncommon albino variation of the breed. As he said in a Facebook post capturing the rare catch of the day: “I may have seen 15 to 20,000 cats in my life and not one that looked anything like this.”

The almost white catfish was certainly an unusual catch for the crew and one of them managed to capture the moment on video before releasing it back to safety in the waters.

If you’re ‘angling’ for a fishing trip while visiting, take a look at a couple of our favourite spots for fishing in Canada.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island is the perfect fishing destination for those exploring both the best of Canada’s vibrant city life and its more natural beauty spots. It is just a short way away from the excitement of Vancouver and offers more serene surroundings to relax and discover some of the province’s spectacular wildlife.

Fishermen will not be disappointed. The shores of Vancouver and Vancouver Island boast impressive stocks of snapper, lingcod, flounder, sole and the Pacific salmon that have made fishing in Canada famous. Experienced anglers may even get a bite on the line from one of the monster-sized halibuts swimming in the Island’s waters.

Vancouver Island in British Columbia

Bay of Quinte, Ontario

Make the most of convenient Canada car rental and take a scenic drive along Highway 401 to the Bay of Quinte. Just two hours east of Ontario’s provincial capital Toronto, the Bay of Quinte is an ideal escape after a few days exploring the city and promises excellent fishing opportunities.

Situated in the heart of Prince Edward County, you’ll find largemouth bass through the summer and the area’s famous walleye fish in autumn when the Bay’s waters get cooler. In addition, plentiful pike and panfish stocks provide sport for keen fishermen all year round.

Bay of Quinte in Onatario

Image Credit: Paxson Woelber (, Robert Taylor (

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